Rail coming to Diyarbakir

The rail system comes to Diyarbakir: The Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Diyarbakir Metropolitan Mayor candidate Galip Ensarioglu said that they would not clash with any political party and candidate in the election process. Ensarioğlu said that they could not see any concept of municipalism in Diyarbakir, they would bring the system of local parliamentary system to Diyarbakır, and said they would make a ring road around the rail system and walls to Diyarbakır.
Diyarbakir Small National Assembly (DkMM) meeting in the air due to the opposition of the late AK Party Metropolitan Mayor candidate Galip Ensarioğlu spoke for the first time about the project. Ensarioğlu, who made important statements at the agenda meeting held at the Sümerpark Meeting Hall, gave good news to Diyarbakır people.
AK We will enter the service race in DİYARBAKIR “
Ensarioğlu stated that they hope to have a sample election in the region and said that they are sincere friends with everyone. Ensarioğlu said, siyasi Everyone has his own program, his own ideological line and his own political line. We will enter a service race in Diyarbakır. We do not intend to clash with any political party and party candidate these days when we aspire to the service of Diyarbakır. We will confront ourselves and demand this service by explaining ourselves and our projects. We will ask for authority and we will only use the public authority. We will not share this power with anyone. We will not share this authority with anyone who is not authorized by the people. Halk
Galip Ensarioğlu criticized BDP'li municipalities without name. Ensarioğlu said, yıldır This city has experienced a war for 30 years. He suffered great destruction. Everything is at the forefront where life safety is at the forefront. This city experienced forced migration. These people were displaced by unnatural means. After a devastation, we claim that we cannot see a municipality in Diyarbakir, which we call big projects in the city for a long time. Ad
Ensarioglu said that this city would have a single assembly and that this council would rule the city. Ensarioğlu said, nit Although this council is a city council, it will be a local parliamentarian. These choices should be made in that quality. With the participation of this council, the presidents will no longer be able to manage on their own. So there will be a management together. What we call self-management will be realized. Öz
Ensarioğlu gave the good news of the rail system to Diyarbakir people and continued his speech as follows:
Iz We will come to Diyarbakır with a strong team. We will come quickly with our district candidates. We have very big projects. We will build large parks in every district except to park in each neighborhood. We have 17 district in Diyarbakır, we will build 17 park. From big zoos to entertainment centers, these parks will be everything. He'il be in the rail system. We are going to make an open-air museum without destroying all old buildings and replacing them. At the same time there will be life Aynı.
Ensarioğlu explained the projects he intends to do in case he is elected:
Esi The projects we have done for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization related to the valley project are over. In fact, this was a service of the Metropolitan Municipality. We will finish these projects and lay the foundation before the elections. There will be regulation areas around the valley project. It will certainly not be housing and construction. No reconstruction. We are developing very different projects. Leave a band around the walls of Diyarbakir around the ring road will open. There is no opportunity to see the city walls.

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