Privatization Action at Derince Port

Privatization Action in Derince Port: Liman İş Union, which opposed the privatization tender of Derince Port in Kocaeli, gathered in front of the port and took action.
In the action in front of Derince Port, to Liman İş Union; Support came from MHP, CHP, TGB, Workers' Party, Kamu-Sen and EMEP. Speaking on the platform set up in front of the port, Önder Avcı, Chairman of Liman İş Union, said, “No matter which company enters the tender for this port, the only thing that privatizations bring to this country is persecution. If Derince Port is privatized, which we will not allow, we will fight until the end as a union. We want all privatizations to be brought back to the agenda and these files to be opened ”.
The crowd gathered in front of the harbor and shouted slogans and dispersed without incident.



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