What Happened in 2013 in the Railway Sector

In the 2013 years in the railway sector What Happened: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Director Süleyman Karaman, stating that rail transport in terms of a year as 2013 of the revolution, "2013, 157 on TCDD railways will go down in history as the year in which stood the year monopoly," he said .
General Director of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) Süleyman Karaman said that 2013 is a revolution-like year in terms of railway transportation. Bir The 2013 will go down in history as the year when the 157 monopoly on the railway was removed. Cumhuriyet Karaman, Ankara-Konya-Eskisehir about a thousand kilometers between the first high-speed train ring was created, he said.
Karaman evaluated the 2013 year in terms of railway transportation. Karaman stated that 2013 is a year in which historical developments such as the opening of Marmaray and Konya-Eskişehir HVT Line, the foundation of Ankara-İzmir YHT Line, National Train Project and BALO train service are realized.
In terms of rail transport last year was a year of revolution, it also 1 May xnumx't entered into force in Turkey, indicating that the Railway Transport of Liberalization About The Law in place Karaman, "rail transport with the law in question has now become free. What does this mean? While the TCDD will be carrying out the infrastructure services, train operation will be realized by Türk Tren AŞ. In addition, both domestic and foreign companies, whether passenger or freight train, can operate their own trains. The 2013 will go down in history as the year when the 2013 annual monopoly of the TCDD was removed. X
Ile We crowned the Republic with Marmaray “
Karaman, called as the Project of the Marmaray, the Republic's 90. 29 2013 153 XNUMX October XNUMX'da emphasized that the two festive together, and Europe and Europe under the sea of ​​iron combined with iron networks, so the Ottoman from the XNUMX annual dream has become a reality, he added.
President Abdul Gul's opening of his Marmaray ceremony, Parliament Speaker Cemil Cicek and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as well as president from foreign countries, the lack of participation at the level of prime ministers and ministers, Marmaray is not only for Turkey, but stated that the indication of its importance to the world Karaman, Gebze-Haydarpaşa and Sirkeci- within the scope of the projectHalkalı 700 million passengers will be transported annually when the improvement of the suburban lines is completed. Karaman said, may Of course, we will not benefit from this project, which is the eye of our country and the world, only as suburban transport. In this advanced process, high-speed trains and freight trains between certain hours will pass through. There is high demand from Istanbul residents to Marmaray between two continents in 4 minutes. We are pleased with this. Biz
"We created the first high-speed train Turkey's ring"
High-speed train passenger transportation and ongoing high-speed train projects also touching on Karaman, Ankara-Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya YHT between the lines of Eskisehir-Konya has begun between the management of YHT reminded. Ankara-Konya-Eskisehir about a thousand kilometers between the first high-speed train ring, indicating that Karaman, said:
Ird We added the Eskişehir-Konya route to Ankara-Eskişehir and Ankara-Konya lines where we operate YHT, and brought together the friends of Mevlana and Yunus Emre. Ankara-Konya-Eskişehir and Ankara about a thousand kilometers in the first YHT ring was formed. Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Bursa lines are under construction in Ankara-based high speed train network. In addition, we laid the foundation of the Ankara-Izmir line this year. There are also studies in full swing. When all these lines are completed, our 15 province, 36 million citizens will benefit from high speed trains. That's half the country's population.
Ankara-Istanbul YHT Project Eskişehir-Istanbul stage is now nearing the end. We completed the test drive in the Eskişehir-İnönü section of the line. 27 We conducted test drives in Köseköy-Arifiye with the presence of our Prime Minister in December. Ankara-Istanbul line is very important for us and our country. Ankara, the capital of the Republic, will soon meet. High speed “. We are already experiencing the excitement of this meeting as much as Istanbulites. Now, Ankara and Ankara residents will be able to have their weekend breakfast together. Artık
Fast trains will be produced in Turkey
TCDD General Director Süleyman Karaman, the new generation of railway vehicles with the technology of the original design and locals started to work for the National Railway Project produced in Turkey and told the working group formed for this purpose.
Under the National Train Project vehicles with a minimum percentage of 51 localization production, as a result of localization efforts to reduce this rate up to the level of 85 underlining the target Karaman, said:
EM Within the scope of the National Train Project, high speed trains will be produced by TÜLOMSAŞ, electric and diesel train sets will be produced by TÜVASAŞ and freight wagons will be produced by TÜDEMSAŞ. In addition, we have a National Signaling Project. In cooperation with TÜBİTAK, we implemented the National Signaling Project at Sakarya / Mithatpaşa Station and achieved successful results. Now, we have started to spread it across the network by implementing it between Afyon-Denizli, Isparta-Burdur and Ortaklar-Denizli stations. Şimdi
Karaman, national trains and the national signaling system paid out of the state pointed out that the foreign exchange will remain in the safe.
BALO Train arrived in Germany on 5 day
Last year, they also recorded significant developments in the transportation of freight Karaman, 2004 starting from the block train transport increased the amount of freight transported said. 2003 million tons of freight is transported by rail at 16 in Karaman, while 2013 has reached 26 million tons.
Expressing that they have implemented the BALO (Big Anatolia Logistics Organization) Project with the cooperation of TOBB, Karaman said, ın With this project, we aimed to transport the Anatolian tigers by rail until the inner parts of Europe, especially in the cities of Munich and Cologne. Within this scope, each of the 5 BALO block trains that we sent from Manisa reached Germany in a short time such as 5 days. These trains will increase in the coming period, Bu he said.
Karaman, the Baltic Sea between the Black Sea, Klaipeda, Odessa and Ilicevsky sea ports to connect with the railway will be implemented shortly after the Viking Train Project, signed the memorandum of understanding on the issue.
Investments to be continued at 2014
TCDD General Manager Karaman explaining the objectives of the 2014, 2014 to 4 railroads of the grant was reminded. Karaman, this appropriation high-speed, quick and attracted by conventional rail projects and drawn vehicles projects to be implemented, the current path of the vehicle fleet, the railway station and the station of modernization, establishing logistics centers in the regions of Turkey will continue to become an important logistical base, he added.




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