Death penalty from bribery to senior officials in Chinese railways

Senior official in Chinese railways sentenced to death for bribery: Former high-level railways official in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region was given a two-year suspended death sentence for bribing $ 21,48 million.
The Hengshui Intermediate Court in Hebei Province sentenced Ma Junfei, former deputy Hohhot railway bureau of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, on December 26, with a two-year suspended death sentence, Global Times reported. It was reported that 48-year-old Ma received 2009 million yuan ($ 75 million) in bribes and 12,5 million yuan ($ 63 million), whose other source is unknown, after taking office in 10,5.
According to the newspaper's report, in the court's decision, Wang Hongmei, director of the Yihe Energy Group in the autonomous region, bribed Ma 14 times with a total value of 8,8 million yuan ($ 1,46 million), as well as at least 40 in the region and other states. It was noted that the mining and electric power company bribed Ma millions of yuan.
A person close to Ma told the Chinese Business News newspaper that Ma filled his homes in Hohhot and Beijing with money and gold.
It was noted in the report that railways play an important role in transporting coal and other goods in the autonomous region, and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is China's main coal producing place.
It was stated that the railways office determines how the transportation will be made and this provides a luxurious opportunity for the officials in the office.
According to September 2012 statistics, it is stated that the train lines under the control of the office can only deal with 10 thousand 7 wagons from the daily need of 600 thousand train wagons. Therefore, it is noted that wagons are insufficient to meet the demand due to the large difference between supply and demand.
At the same time, it was reported that profitable coal shipments during the peak season prompted many mine bosses to bribe railway officials.
Ma is just one of the officials who have been punished for bribery and corruption on the railways. In July 2013, Chinese Railways Minister Liu Zhijun was sentenced to suspended death on charges of bribery and abuse of office.



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