Ali Talak of Chp: We will take İzban underground in Çiğli

Ali Talak of Chp: We will take İzbanı underground in Çiğli. The Republican People's Party (CHP) Çiğli Mayor candidate Ali Talak continues his election works without interruption. In this context, Talak announced his projects one by one and gave good news to Yenimahalle Residents. Talak said, "We will take the İZBAN route at least two kilometers underground."
Çiğli Municipality candidate candidate Ali Talak, who won the agenda and the candidate in the election if he wins the election of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, moving along with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will take under at least two kilometers, he said. CHP Ali Talak, lük Yenimahalle affected most of this split. İZBAN should be taken under the ground until the Selim Diniz Primary School. If we are given the task of managing Çiğli, we will take the Metro route at least two kilometers below the ground with the project to be carried out jointly with our Metropolitan Municipality and İZBAN. With this project to be applied, we will both reduce traffic congestion and combine Çiğli. Yenimahalle residents should not worry. We will eliminate this division. However, Yenimahalle will be a completely different dimension and will develop Bun.
Ali Talak, who claims that all of the projects he prepared for Çiğli, are interlinked, we must implement the project of taking İZBAN under the ground. Because the construction of Çiğli District Hospital with 400 bed in Yenimahalle is continuing, if this hospital is not under ground, then traffic will have a negative effect on that area. Çünkü

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