Chair Seen Out of Order (Video)

Chairlift Malfunctioned Deputy and Mayor Suspended in the Air: When the chair lift failed at the opening of the ski center in Artvin, AK Party Deputy and Mayor Emin Özgün hung in the air for 2 hours.

At the opening ceremony of the chair lift at Atabarı Ski Center in Artvin, the chairlift, including Ak Party Deputy İsrafil Kışla and Mayor Emin Özgün, and district governors, failed when the chair lift failed.


The incident took place at noon. The system was commissioned after the speeches made due to the opening of the chair lift system of Atabarı Ski Center. Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit and his wife Seval Kaya Cirit and those who got on the chairlift reached the summit about 700 meters away. Those who got on the chair lift were suspended in the air at the opening ceremony, where the public showed great interest. Ak Party Deputy İsrafil Kışla, Artvin Mayor Emin Özgün, CHP Artvin Former Deputy Yüksel Çorbacıoğlu, Kayak Provincial Representative Yusuf Arifağaoğlu, district governors, mayors and citizens, including many people, had to wait for a long time in the chairlift seats that were inactive due to the breakdown. .


Artvin Governor Kemal Cirit also intervened by going down from the summit upon the breakdown. After Cirit's intervention, many ambulances and rescue teams came to Atabarı Ski Center. In the meantime, some citizens chilling in the chair lift jumped from high. Those who fell on the snow survived the incident with slight abrasions.


Among them, the deputy barracks and Mayor Özgün and many other members of the protocol, as well as many people from the bottom of the ropes attached to the seats after clinging down came down. In the event that there was no injury, the chairlift system was found to be malfunctioning due to overload. After the intensity decreased, the chairlift system started to work again.