On the verge of bankruptcy because of the T1 tram line in Bursa

Bursa T1 Tram line because of street trades on the verge of bankruptcy: CHP Bursa Metropolitan Mayor candidate claiming that the water in Turkey and public transportation is the most expensive that came in Bursa at the beginning of the city Necati Sahin, the metropolitan said municipality of citizens that see profit-oriented services that provide Instead of thinking.
Necati Şahin, the candidate of CHP Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, made important statements about local elections in Bursa Today. Answering the question about his nomination from the CHP, Necati Şahin noted that he has been actively communicating with all segments of the society and is always on the right side in these duties because of his work at the Bursaspor Board of Directors and the Chamber of Civil Engineers. Expressing that public transportation and water are the costs of fire, Şahin said that even the water needed by humanity is supplemented with names such as waste price. Promising that they will support the citizens' budget by making discounts in public transportation and water when we take office, Şahin said, “Bursa has been mismanaged for 5 years. Greater Mayor of Allah, Recep Altepe did not make all of his election promises in 2009. What would Bursa be like if it did? I was perhaps the first time in Turkey, I would like to thank the services that make a mayor, "he said.
Saying that he is equally close to everyone and everyone, Şahin said, “I have never seen the institutions I work as the backyard of any political thought. I voiced what is right for Bursa and society. In all my works, I worked with people of various political views. That is why the name of Necati Şahin is spoken in almost every segment. I applied to the CHP because I received an institutional invitation during the nomination process. It is an honor for me to name my name as a candidate for metropolitan mayor in three parties. So there is a search in Bursa. Bursa longs for a metropolitan mayor that will suit itself. We were candidates from CHP in order not to make mistakes again in Bursa and to use their knowledge to the full. We will take the election with the strong structure of CHP, a long-established party. ”
Emphasizing that Bursa is an expensive city in terms of basic municipal services, Şahin pointed out that drinking water is expensive in Bursa, which is one of the richest cities in terms of water resources. Şahin said, “Bursa is one of the cities with the most expensive public transportation and the most expensive water. Municipalities should not profit from public service, and should not take too much money from citizens by acting like a company. Water is one of the basic needs of humanity. Money from water in our time kazanwe will. Additional charges are added to the water bill for a while. We will make discounts on water and public transportation. We will also re-evaluate asphalt participation shares. On the other hand, by opening many restaurants and cafes, we will not compete with our tradesmen, who are already in a difficult situation.”
Necati Şahin, who harshly criticized the T1 Tramway line in his speech, said that despite the negative opinions of international transportation experts, the T1 Tramway line was activated for the sake of a personal dream, and traffic on the main streets was paralyzed and the tradesmen of Bursa's economy were forced to close shutters. “Our tradesmen on the main streets are seriously victims due to the T1 Tram line. It has been forced to migrate from the places they have been trading for years. It is our chance to be nominated again as the mayor of those who lead the Doğanbey freak in the Historic Inns Region, and that a government that made such mistakes in a row was nominated again, and it is God's greatest reward to us. Fortunately, Altepe did not do all the things he promised in 2009. Even though he did some of it, the state of Bursa is deplorable. We would like to thank Altepe for all the investments he promised or not. ”
Stating that a historical transformation will begin in Bursa after the local elections and the city will climb up the most milk steps in the list of livable cities, Şahin said, “If we are selected, we will not look at Bursa on the basis of parcels. It will manage Bursa in a participatory, honest, transparent and sustainable manner. We will start the change from the office chairs. We will never look at our people from the office seats. We will be around them at the same plane on the same table. ”

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