Balıkesir Light Rail Politics

📩 29/11/2018 18:27

Balıkesire Light Rail Politics: Edip Uğur, AKP Büyükukşehir Mayor Candidate, who announced his first projects for Büyükukşehir Balıkesir. CHP Buyuksehir Mayor Candidate Sami Sozat and MHP Buyuksehir Mayor Candidate Ismail Ok are working on projects and they will share them with the public in the coming days.
There are evaluations on the street about which projects the candidates will face the voters with a short time before the start of the project wars. The first agenda of the 2009 local elections was "asphalt money". As you remember, the AKP argued that this money should be taken, but the CHP had stated that the collected amounts were high, and if the municipalities won, they would receive their contribution from the lowest level.
MHP said that it would never take the contribution by saying "Stop the asphalt money for the land of Akin", and this statement was respected in the public opinion. Five years have passed and Balıkesir has become a metropolitan city. Now, 20 districts are in the service area of ​​Hüyükşeh. So asphalt money is not a choice to be made with water money. The image of the candidate who is social, warm, intertwined with the public will be to a certain extent that if we consider the civil boundaries of our city, many people will not see the mayor for five years.
Even if the citizen in Dursunbey, Erdek, Altınova, Marmara Island and the neighborhood village does not see the mayor physically, he will have an idea about the mayor with his projects and works. It is for this reason that projects will be the dynamo of political parties in this election. It seems that the "asphalt money" of 2014 will be a light rail system and a square. AKP. We hear that CHP and MHP are working for the light rail system and the square. AKP Büyükukşehir Mayor Candidate Edip Uğur is working with TCDD 3rd Regional Manager and his special team for this.
We know that the municipal wing stands on the light rail system. This work was also reflected in the press. CHP could not stay out of the light rail system, the light rail system was included in the projects. So whoever comes, Balıkesir will meet the light rail system, the symbol of modernization! However, this issue is very controversial. Let the projects be announced, we will talk about the route, technology and cost of light rail systems. They are the squares that give identity to the cities. Balıkesir is a poor province. Just as Balıkesir is compared to a huge vault stuck between İzmir and Bursa, our squares are no different from town squares. At the time, the city intertwined for the interests of politicians. To clear up this mistake made in the past, political parties are cowering March 30. For the squares where the city can breathe, the destruction that should have happened years ago will be done after March 30.

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