TCA TCDD Report: You are investigated if necessary

TCA TCDD Report: Investigated if necessary: ​​The TCA's TCDD 2012 report stated that some of the companies that were named as 'second wave operations' were among them. Investigations were requested in case of necessary investigations
The Court of Auditors has made striking findings as a result of the investigations conducted by TCDD on 2012 activities.
The TCA's TCDD 2012 report included the findings of some of the companies that were mentioned in the second wave of operations, which were said to be held after 17 December operations.
While evaluating the bids that are above the limit value in the auctions, the Court of Accounts asked for interventions to be made to the relevant authorities for the evaluation of the problems caused by the inability to question the excessive low or high bids given for some work items according to the approximate cost and the other problems arising from the implementation of the public procurement legislation.
The TCA said, inde While significant investment projects are carried out by TCDD and intense work has been carried out in this area, the cost increases over 100 in project costs and construction time as a result of the fact that some works are not carried out with well prepared projects based on healthy data. 2-4 coat time extensions appear to occur. Both the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments, as well as the final projects prepared or prepared by TCDD, sometimes does not qualify as a definite project, after the tender to make comprehensive changes, not to exceed the actual amounts of tenders, approximate costs, contract costs and actual project the emergence of significant differences between the costs is seen as the main problems related to construction works ın.
TCDD recommends 'investigation if necessary'
The TCA recommended that the following issues should be either reassessed or, examined and investigated if necessary Say by the General Directorate of TCDD:
Başkentray Project
- Regarding the tendering of the construction work of Başkentray Project, the tender form submitted to the TCDD Board of Directors is stated as the final project in the tender form, although it is stated that the implementation projects are prepared; As a result of the complaint submitted to the tender, one of the main reasons for the cancellation decision is the examination of all aspects of the project, the nature of the project and the procedures in the tender preparation process.
Eskişehir Gar Crossing Project construction work in the tender according to the realistic quantities
- In the contract of the contract, although the number of strut to be applied in the production is foreseen as 1400, the tender for 10 strut and the 922 strut in the manufacturing phase and the construction of the Eskişehir Crossing Project which is under construction, examination of all problems arising from project changes, especially by TCDD General Directorate,
Bursa-Yenişehir railway infrastructure construction projects, tenders and manufacturing processes
870 million TL contract is signed with the final project and the line is changed in the 393,2 km section of the 75 km long line after the auction, and the line width has been increased. unit price given to work in the high rate of physical realizations, which is observed in the line, as well as the line is not changed in the tunnel floors in addition to the effect of the contract supplementary projects, the contract will be completed within the cost of the construction of Bursa-Yenişehir railway infrastructure construction work related to the project, tender and manufacturing TCDD General Directorate of the processes and processes in the process to be examined by all aspects, if necessary, to be investigated,
Ankara-Sivas Railway Project Yerköy-Sivas infrastructure work
-2008 840 million TL in the contract and 2010 contracted by making a contract until the work has been decided to be liquidated and the completion of the tender of the Ankara-Sivas Railway Project Yerköy-Sivas in the infrastructure work, according to the contractor's 2012 year work program and the cost of without considering the warnings of the TCDD where the low unit bid price is given instead of the route and works of excavation and the route filling work items,
without supervision of the building, technical reasons and the continuation of the production after the completion of the contractor TCDD by the contractor firm on the request of the construction of the construction of the decision of compliance with the General Terms of Construction Works, in addition to the 9,2 million TL in the construction of the tunnel manufacturing business, the procurement of the tender Considering that there is a difference of 5,2 million TL against TCDD according to prices, re-evaluation of the works and transactions in this regard by TCDD General Directorate in all aspects,
Ferry Receiving, Scaffolding Extension Maintenance and Repair Plant Construction
-In connection with the work of i Ferry Acquisition, Scaffolding Extension Maintenance and Repair Plant ”in the Investment Program of the Company; Execution of the 18.05.2010 thousand euro amount paid to the contractor under the contract dated 147,6, and the fulfillment of the issues stated in the Investigation Board of the TCDD Board of Inspection dated 16.01.2013,
Collecting the payment made by the adan Cement Transfer firm pose from the contractor company
-15.07.2011 date of the contract signed on the unit price analysis table "Portlant Cement" pose price analysis, the price of cement transportation included in the unit price of the special analysis organized by the organization with the "01" Cement Transfer "pose 99 thousand euros overdue payments from the contractor company X


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