Love will never end like the Ankara metro work

Love will never be like the Ankara metro work will never end: the people of Ankara, construction work is waiting for the opening of metro lines that have lasted for many years. Delayed on unexpected developments, the opening date angered Twitter users. I have a subway to the subway in the social realm.
One of the metro lines that the capitals have been waiting for for years, will be opened in the coming months. The metro lines started to be built by the Metropolitan Municipality in 2001 were transferred to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communication in a ceremony held at 7 May 2011. METU subway station turnkey delivery ceremony in April, 2014 service will be put into service in April. However, in the process, the date was pulled forward and the 29 was updated as October 2013. Lastly, this date was postponed to the branch in the Xinjiang Metro, which was announced to be opened in 13 January 2013. The lags of the 11 year after the waiting for Ankara people, Twitter began to raise their voice.
Ankara residents who criticize the delay of the opening of the subway with their humorous messages make various comparisons. The most striking among these tweets comes from @ Tolga3939: “What you call love will be like Ankara's metro work, it will never end…” There are also those who dream of working in the construction of the Sincan Metro when they retire after 20 years. A Twitter user who stated that he dreams of going to school by subway when he starts university says that 8 years have passed after his graduation. In addition to all these, there are also criticisms of 214 openings before the metro lines are put into service.
- @ Ammash247 I travel 5 minutes by car, 1 subway, plus 1 more subway, plus a bus, plus 1 minutes walking distance by car. Ankara…
- @ Tolga3939 What you call love will be like Ankara's metro work, it will never end…
- @CananOzturk Ankara's unopened subway and endless trial drives…
- @barisakdag There was a subway to open in Ankara, what happened?
- @ barisozer1907 We understand that you will not be able to make a metro to Ankara. Bring me sea!
- @Zanike Ankara has been waiting for the opening of Çayyolu and Sincan metro lines for 15 years. Open to open, taxi stand, clock tower, castle, tower etc. accessory!
- @birnefesturku After retiring 20 years later, I will work on the construction of the Sincan metro in Ankara, I have a contract.
- When will the @etugluer Batıkent Sincan Metro line be opened? They promised on Christmas.
- @_e_s_m_a 14 Is Xinjiang subway opened? When I started college, we had the dream to go to the faculty by metro, we couldn't go. It will be 8 years since you graduate.
- @gozdebileksmok 5 years, 10 years of relationship would be. It is not clear whether the construction of Keçiören metro is related or not.

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