Calis, Antalya, Turkey

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Modern Overpass: Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is making pedestrian crossing to Calli on its light rail route.
Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Akaydin, Fatih Overpass, the second upper passage on the rail system route will be built on Vatan Boulevard said. President Akaydın noted that there were accidents caused by heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic on Vatan Boulevard. Yaş The overpass project that we designed to prevent the loss of life and to relieve the transportation of disabled citizens will be done at the entrance point of Çallı underground Başkan.
President Akaydın stated that Vatan Boulevard overpass will have 25 meter span steel construction carrier system and said sahip The overpass will have 2 pieces with panoramic disabled elevator and 1 escalators. The floor covering of the overpass, whose overall appearance resembles the body of a ship, will be covered with burned granite over 3 centimeter and the elevator entrance decks with wooden iroko floor. LED illumination will be used in the daytime as well as the Vatan Overpass will add a visual beauty to the city at night. LED

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