Intervention to the Action of Transportation in Ankara

Intervention in the Action on the Right to Transport in Ankara: Riot teams intervened to the members of Halkevleri, who wanted to pass through the turnstiles without printing a card in response to an incident in Istanbul at the Ankara Red Crescent Metro.
The group carried out a "card printing, jump through the turnstile" action at the Red Crescent Metro to support the young person who wanted to use the metro in Istanbul without printing a card and was battered by security guards. Demonstrators shouting "Transportation is right, not sold", turned to turnstiles. There was a clash between the group jumping from the turnstiles and the security guards. Then the parties agreed. The group made a press release on the turnstiles. In the statement, the incident in Istanbul was condemned.
After the press statement, the second time the group wanted to pass the turnstile, Nimble teams intervened. After Arbedenin group members, the subway station ran to various points. After a while the group gathered, stating that they will continue their actions.


Günceleme: 29/11/2018 17:58

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