Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train services start in March

Konya-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train services start in March: Konya Train Manager Yalçın Tekkalmaz made evaluations about our High Speed ​​Train (YHT) to our newspaper. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently joined the test drive of YHT in Istanbul. There will be 2 trips a day on the Konya-Istanbul line, where test drives are made. When Istanbul flights begin, Konya-Eskişehir flights will be removed. There will be Konya-Eskişehir-Istanbul flights instead. This number may increase depending on demand.
We compete by bus in Ankara and by plane in Istanbul. YHT provides the passenger with great comfort. It was delayed in the foggy weather which was effective in the past days. This led the citizen to YHT. Bureaucrats use YHT a lot. ” Tekkalmaz said, “The number of passengers of Daily YHT varies between 2 and 500. There are 3 flights between Ankara and Konya. The occupancy rate of our Ankara expedition, which is held at 500:8 every day, is 18 percent. There is a great interest in YHT. Our deputies and citizens want an expedition between 15:90 or 22:00 between Ankara and Konya. Deputies on this matter have applied to our general directorate. Our General Directorate stated that they will put one time at that time when Istanbul flights begin ”. Expressing the purchase of new trains, Tekkalmaz said, “22 trains were bought from Siemens. One of the trains is kept in Istanbul. When Istanbul starts, new trains will come into service ”.
Tekkalmaz said, “Minister Elvan is closely interested in the transportation problems of Karaman and Konya. Speed ​​of railway related projects kazanI can say with confidence. The dissemination of YHTs is everyone's wish. The business world also wants to reach the ports quickly," he said. Tekkalmaz also said that trains are rented upon request for special weddings and invitations, adding, “Last month, 2 trains were rented for the AK Party's congress. Most recently, Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports rented a train as part of the Mehmet Akif Ersoy commemoration program. Our trains are for 411 people. The demand is high,” he said.


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