There is no snow in Akdağ Ski Center

📩 24/11/2018 12:53

There is no snow skiing at Akdag Ski Center: Akdag Winter Sports and Ski Center located in Ladik district of Samsun remained vacant due to snow falling under season normal conditions.

Located in the town of Samsun, Ladik district of 7 and 2010 Akdag Winter Sports and Ski Center operating in the region last week of snow falling as a result of snow on the ski slope of the 10 centimeter kept a profit. However, due to the absence of precipitation and increasing air temperatures, the snow slope at the Akdağ ski slope with a thousand 800 meters altitude. The ski center with a thousand 300-meter lifts and a thousand 675-meter runway was left empty when there was no snow. In the winter season, the average number of visitors to the center visited by 35 thousand people decreased by 50. Especially in Amasya, Sinop and Çorum, the facility where the athletes and citizens came to ski was left unprofitable due to the living drought.