Kars Ardahan Railroad Phase is at the last stage

Kars Ardahan Railway Project has reached the final stage: Ardahan Governor Seyfettin Azizoğlu met with journalists on January 10 Working Journalists Day.
Celebrating the day of the journalists working in the historical Congress Building in the city Governor Azizoğlu, '' Press is the conscience of the country. Ardahan press fulfills this task with the right, '' he said.
Saying that our friends in the press community are chasing news day and night, cold and winter with great effort and care, and endure many sacrifices for this cause, Governor Azizoğlu said, "Our members of the press working in Ardahan have proven themselves before the public. A heavy and level press system with a certain structure was formed in Ardahan. This is Ardahan and the people of Ardahan. kazanit is bitter,'' he said.
With the journalists he came together for the Journalists and Administrators Day, about the latest situation in the province sohbet Vali Azizoğlu gave information about the investments and planned works in Ardahan.
Çıldır district, which will be opened to Georgia and will be connected to the Aktaş Border Gate will be connected to the last stage of the Mozeret Tunnel Governor Azizoğlu stating, the construction of the tender will begin in February, he said.
Governor Azizoğlu, evaluating the ongoing work on the airport planned to be built in Ardahan, said: '' I thank our press about this. A really good public opinion was created about the airport. This is very important for our Ardahan. It is not an alternative to the airport, road or sea route. The airline provides faster, more comfortable transportation. Airport tourism in Ardahan is also an important element to revive. We get very good feedback on this. In a short time we will form a delegation and go to the Ministry of Transport. We will work for the tender of our airport, '' he said.
Bakut-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) together with the project, the project will extend from Kars to Ardahan Governor Azizoğlu describing the latest situation, '' Kars Ardahan Railway Prejesi'nde reached the final stage. Although not certain, we expect to tender in a short time. We are now in his expectation. Airport is also essential for us, '' he said Railway.
Governor Azizoğlu later said; ''The growth of Ardahan is only possible when businessmen from Ardahan come here and leave their investments. There is no land problem in Ardahan. Everywhere is land. The public is doing something here, but that will not be enough, no matter how much is done, there will be a vacuum. That's why you should come here and invest. For example, a businessman from Ardahan should come and build a dormitory here. Even if he does not operate it, he should give it to KYK and this is a kazanit's hard. We should make a call to businessmen from Ardahan on this issue. What we will say to them should be come and invest in our Ardahan. We don't have time, so we have to work very fast. We need to work fast and hurry so that people look at this place with increased hope. We are now constructing 1+1 and 2+1 buildings in our districts to make our teachers comfortable here and to provide them with good opportunities.'

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