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karacadag ski resort
karacadag ski resort

Urfa News Agency Correspondent Adnan Çelik wrote about the Karacadağ ski resort, which is an important center of winter tourism in Şanlıurfa. Here is that article.

We are going to Karacadağ with our special vehicle from Şanlıurfa. Finally, we will see Karacadağ, which is described as the Uludağ of the East, where I went 2 years ago. From Sanliurfa to Karacadag, everything is normal until Siverek. However, after Siverek, the road to Karacadağ is troubled. Maybe it's a very stereotypical analogy, but the roads are like a molehill. While our vehicle has escaped from the pits to the right one left, I wonder what has changed in the 2 year. However, 2 years ago I remember the path again in this case, I also learn the answer to the question. We stand in one of the small villages while we swing left and right along the way.

The livelihoods of the villagers, livelihoods, wrapped the roof of their homes with colored nylon canvas. The canvas, which was taken to the roofs of houses and stables, turned villages into so-called 'Poşet village'. After about 20 mileage, the roads are replaced by cobblestone roads. Approximately 8 kilometer paving stone paved road leading to the Karacadağ ski center. Considering the situation of the asphalt roads in the snowy areas, it is a logical choice for the paving stone. But 'I wish' people say, I wish; all the roads were done so well. Even us ah! Vahe! How we come through these paths Antep, Maras, Mardinli'si.

When it comes to where the ski center is, we take a sigh of relief. Take a look at the facilities 2 wonder what has changed over the years. The answer is nothing huge! Still climbing with the help of the old rope is built with old methods. Many ski lifts go up to the summit. Moreover, skiers are not only skiing but also riding on those who want to watch the scenery. Skiing as well as ski lifts; also offers visitors a visual feast. Karacadag, however, is still in the dark.

Another shortage of the ski resort is the establishment. Camellias and gazebos of the facilities are insufficient. Most of the tables placed around are buried in snow. Another shortage of facilities is the water problem in the sink. 20 kilometers away from the nearest settlement in the center of the water flowing thought provoking. Even the tables are rented in the center where the installation is almost non-existent. Facility operators, parking fee, table fee, ski rental fee is charged. The recycling of fees to the facility is a mystery. The only service for visitors of the resort is to open the doors of the ski resort! Karacadağ, which is a great grace of Allah to Şanlıurfa, is like a victim of a vicious mentality.
We are actually doing the wrong from the beginning.

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