China's largest internal migration movement started in China

The world's largest internal migration movement began in China: the next 40 in the country will travel full 258 million people throughout the day. The reason for this relocation, known as the world's largest internal migration, is the büyük
According to the animal calendar, the country will enter the "horse year" on 31 January, and it is expected that 16 billion 24 million domestic travel will be made between 3 January and 600 February.
It is stated that 200 million more travel is expected during the Çuncie (Spring Festival) holiday compared to last year. The Chinese Railway Ministry announced that there are still difficulties in meeting ticket requests this year. It was emphasized that there would be no increase in prices during this period, and it was stated that “real identity information is required to prevent black market” in purchases.
During the Spring Festival's travel calendar, approximately 258 million people will train.
860 bin buses, 210 thousand ships and 120 thousand passenger planes will serve with additional reinforcement flights made with the intense travel movement in mind.
300 2 will be the most preferred railway transportation for trips, and 667 XNUMX will be available throughout the country.
In China, where entering the new year with all family members is one of the most important traditions, this tradition leads to the world's largest internal migration movement. While China is the most populous country in the world, it is a big hurry for the spring festival, and hundreds of millions of people coming from villages and towns to the city centers are going to their homes to visit their families. Many travel destinations from airports in the country to train stations are filled with large crowds.

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