Turkey's transformation from Transport Logistics What do you think of the program

Turkey's Transport Logistic Transformation Program What do you think: World Maritime Economics and Logistics TV broadcast and logistics sector, closely followed by professional What do you think? This week's guests of the program were Solmaz Customs Clearance Chairman Asım Barlın and Beykoz Logistics Vocational School Foreign Trade Department Head Assoc. Dr. Emine Koban. Turkey's "logistics" themed first higher education institution in the Beykoz Logistics Vocational School of Marketing and Advertising Department Head Dr. Nükhet Güz and Director of Logistics Research and Applications Center Prof. Dr. Prepared by Okan Tuna and realized with colorful presentations, 'What Do You Think?' Brings the logistics sector views of business professionals to the screen every two weeks.
Asim Barlın and Emine Koban will host the program on 22 January at 2014. Dr. Nükhet Fall and Prof. Dr. Okan Tuna "Turkey's transformation from transport logistics" to discuss, to move the agenda of the business world.
You either think Turksk 3A on World Economy TV, Teledünya 110. D-Smart 210. Channel, App Store World EDL TV or can be viewed from the address. Viewers are the subject of the week, "Turkey's Transport Logistic Transformation" related questions and comments yasizce@beykoz.edu.t @yasizcetv Twitter account or you can send an e-mail address can participate in the program.


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