No need to pay a fortune for skiing

There is no need to pay a fortune for the pleasure of skiing during the semester: Like most every year, this year, the most popular choice for those who want to spend a semester break will be a skiing holiday.

As every year, the most popular choice of those who want to make use of the semester break this year will be a ski holiday. The difference of this year from the past years in the ski holiday trend is that accommodation in tourism facilities in Uludağ, Kartalkaya and Kartepe is 3 times more expensive than in previous years. For those who do not want to shake their budgets for the sake of skiing during the semester break, the option of renting a house for a flexible period comes to the rescue. Due to the high prices demanded by tourism facilities, the demand for rental houses in Uludağ, Kartalkaya and Kartepe is increasing day by day.

Okan Barlas, the founding partner of, which offers rental services for houses, villas or flats in 61 countries, says the following on the subject. The best option for the semester break that will start on January 24 is to rent a house. During the holiday period, the nightly cost of staying in a hotel in Uludağ can reach up to 450 TL, excluding transportation. In this period when millions of students go on vacation, it becomes almost impossible to find affordable tourism facilities. However, you can stay at a much more affordable price in a house you rent with your loved ones, and you can spend the resources you will spend for accommodation and transportation only for skiing pleasure. You can visit for house options located in ski centers such as Kartalkaya, Uludağ and Kartepe or very close to these centers. "

Kartalkaya for 202 TL per night!

Those who want to spend the semester holiday in Kartalkaya, the favorite ski resort, can stay at the house in the village of Kındıra, which is very close. The house, advertised on, offers the opportunity to relieve the tiredness of skiing all day long with comfort options such as a TV section with home theater and fireplace. The nightly rental price of the house is only 202 TL.

Overlooking the scenery of Sapanca Lake

The daily rental house, which is among the advertisements of for Kartepe enthusiasts, is located in Maşukiye, 12 km from Kartepe Ski Center. The house with private garden offers natural gas and priceless Sapanca lake view for 288 TL per night.

Ski in Uludağ, accommodation in a villa with Uludağ view

There is no need to spend the whole year's savings for a holiday in Uludağ, the most popular center of skiing. Uludağ view villa, whose details can be seen on, promises a perfect ski holiday with its 3 bedrooms and a capacity of 10 people. Located in Nilüfer district of Bursa, the house offers the opportunity to end a pleasant and tiring ski day in Uludağ in a bedroom with Uludağ view. The night stay in the villa is 575 TL.

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