İZBAN Torbalı line construction may be delayed

İZBAN Torbalı line construction may be delayed: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate Binali Yildirim, who continues his election works in Torbali, said, da Torbali's bag was out of the bag and sacked into a sack. İZ In the case that Adnan Yaşar Görmez, Mayor of Tortbalı Municipality is not elected, stating that the construction of İZBAN high-speed train line will be difficult, Yıldırım said, İZ You know, we make İZBAN a partner with the Metropolitan Municipality. When we go at the 'lightning' speed, they're going with the 'turtle' speed. If Adnan Yaşar Görmez Torbalı Mayor, I promise, the work will end in July. However, the construction of the İZBAN line may be delayed if there is a different situation. Ancak
An intense AK Party group attended the rally on Government Street. Binali Yildirim, who entered Torbali between joy shows, first visited the marketers' tradesmen on Thursdays. Yıldırım then came to the rally area, a party addressed the party made a speech. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Candidate stated that he needed a mayor who knew the problems of Torbalı. A friend who knows the problems of the district closely. 7 days 24 hours will be at your disposal in case of Mayor. Belediye
The candidate for Metropolitan Municipality continued his words as follows: Var The brothers have a good word. 'No hand scale,' he. They don't have a hand scale. They shake a lot of sacrifice when they promise. Torbalı's troubled bag burst out of the bag, turned into a sack. Di Completed the rally Yildirim, on the podium Torbali AK Party Provincial Vice President Atilla Kaya, Mayor candidate Adnan Yaşar Görmez, District Chairman Hasan Akbıyık, Women's Branch President Sevil Duran and Youth Branch President Halil Elçiboğa lifted hands and posed for the press.

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