If İzmirden K's Longest Railway train journey to Turkey

Kars East Express
Kars East Express

İzmirden Karsa Turkey's longest railway train journey: from Izmir to Kars, Turkey's longest railway train journey takes 39 hours, 14 cities in 79 passing train station is 2 thousand 190 kilometers mileage.

In the first part of the journey that starts with the Izmir Blue Train departing from the historical Alsancak Train Station, the cities of Manisa, Uşak, Afyonkarahisar, Kütahya and Eskişehir are reached and Ankara Train Station is reached after 15 hours.

In the second part of the journey that extends from the capital to the Eastern Express with Kars, Kars is reached by passing through the provinces of Yozgat, Kırıkkale, Kayseri, Sivas, Erzincan and Erzurum.


Among the passengers of the historical East Express, there are those who work in the region and the eastern provinces, as well as those who set out to live this journey until Kars and see the city again.

- “Train is the only means of transportation where memories are accumulated”

Retired artist 59-year-old Hayriye Sencer, AA correspondent, said his son, the son of his son, Altug Sencer Ankara-Kars train journey they had long dreamed of happiness, he said.

Stating that the journey was too enjoyable for them to imagine and that they passed through many different geographies, Hayriye Sencer said, “My childhood passed in Kars. Then we settled in Istanbul because of my father's job. We left Kars 50 years ago by train, now 50 years later, traveling to Kars with my son makes me very happy. During the trip, my son takes lots of photos and I watch the unique view from the window of the train moving on the tracks. The train is the only means of transportation where memories are accumulated. How many moments can you save when traveling from place to place in an hour by plane? Therefore, I attach great importance to train journeys. ”

Expressing that their journey with Kars to Kars was much more impressive in the winter months, Altuğ Sencer stated that taking photos on the train was a passion for him.

Sencer said, “Our passion for painting and photography set us off. Traveling with the Eastern Express and experiencing this journey is a very special feeling. Kars is a special city with its historical, cultural and natural beauties. Kars Castle and Ani Ruins are among the places I want to take photos in Kars. Other than that, I want to go to Çıldır Lake. However, the main purpose was to experience this train journey. I am very happy to have experienced this journey. ”

- He travels to Kars in the footsteps of the article he read

Oğuzhan Altuğ, who tells that they are traveling from Istanbul to live the train journey to Kars with his brother, nephew and two daughters, and that they travel with the Eastern Express after Ankara, said that their 8 and 10 year old daughters enjoyed the trip.
That he lived in Russia and came to Istanbul for vacation expressing Altug, "recently" 50 things to do in Turkey, "read an essay. In the first place, it was written that the journey with Doğa Express should be experienced. After a short investigation, we decided to go on this journey with my brother Banu Vardar, my nephew and daughters. We bought plenty of books with us. We are living this journey together. We enjoy it incredibly. There are every opportunity we can meet our needs on the train. There are many things we can do in Kars. We want to repeat the same journey in the summer. ”

- “I have not seen a railway worker who does not like his job”

İhsan Karaca, 56, who worked as the Eastern Express Train Chief between Ankara and Kayseri, stated that he has been working at TCDD for 33 years.
Noting that he worked in many positions until he was promoted to train chief, Karaca said that it is a different happiness for him to work in the Eastern Express.

Karaca who gave information about the journey, said:

“The distance between Ankara and Kars is one thousand and 365 kilometers. During the journey, which takes approximately 24 hours, a total of 54 stations will be passed. 13 personnel work on the train. Machinists and personnel change between Ankara - Kayseri, Kayseri - Sivas, Sivas - Erzurum, Erzurum - Kars in certain periods. I have been working on railways for 33 years. I love my job. To date, I have not seen a railway worker who does not like his job. Railway is a lifestyle for us. ”

- "Eastern Express is the lifeblood of the region"

Ardahan Çamlıçatak Village Headman Dursun Ali Bilican also pointed out that the Eastern Express is an indispensable means of transportation for the local people and the window to the west of the region.

“I do not think that you live in Kars, Ardahan, Erzurum and do not take this train and do not go from one place to another. Eastern Express is the lifeblood of the region. Everyone has a memory about this train. I have been traveling with this train since I have known myself. I hear that many people who have come to the region for touristic purposes in recent years have also preferred the Eastern Express. This is very pleasing. I hope the interest grows even more. ”
Derya Deniz, who teaches at Kars Karaurgan High School and travels to Kars with her teacher friends, emphasized that the journey with Dogu Express is a privilege.

Noting that teaching in the region is very pleasant and difficult, Derya Deniz said, “My family is in Ankara. I always use the Eastern Express when I travel to my hometown from the village where I teach. I will leave Kars with very good memories. Some of my memories are related to the Eastern Express. I recommend it to everyone. ”

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