Metro planning should be done instead of Gaziantepe tram

Instead of Gaziantepe tram, metro planning should be made: Gaziantep Chamber of Architects drew attention to the problems of the city before the local elections. Severoğlu stated that with the report they prepared under the name of 'Local Election Declaration', they conveyed both the city's problems and suggestions to the local administrators who will be the president.
Organizing a press conference at the Chamber of Architects, Sıtkı Severoğlu announced the announcement they prepared before the local elections. Pointing out that the biggest problem of the city is traffic, Severoğlu said, “The mayor, who will be elected in the local elections in March, will find a time bomb called 'Transportation Problem'. We believe that what has been done about transportation so far is not done to create problems, but to solve problems. Our goal is to contribute to the search for solutions by identifying the problems we also experience. ”
Severoglu said that the tram, which took the great burden of the city in carrying the society, brought more problems than the solution and the current practices came into force against the Transport Master Plan.
“The tram project will not meet the passenger demands that will increase in this state. The tram can work with serious support from municipal resources. The vehicles in traffic for the tram pay a serious price for waiting at level crossings. The current practices have been made in violation of the Transportation Master Plan and cannot meet passenger demands. Legal problems in the use of the selected trams due to their age and technology will create permanent problems in the future as well. For the solution of the problem, the Transportation Master Plan should be brought to the agenda again and revised. If we want to be a brand city in the long term, underground metro planning should be done for the future. ”
Arguing that the zoning amendment decisions taken in the city councils were made against the law, Severoğlu said, “In Gaziantep, land prices have reached astronomical figures and there is a problem of land supply. Reconstruction amendments constitute the majority of the agenda of the city councils of our city. In this case, either there is a problem in the upper scale plan of the city and it needs to be done again, or the renovations made are against the laws and regulations ”.
Sıtkı Severoğlu stated that the lack of social facilities and green areas in the high-rise buildings and zoning areas caused damage to the city. He also underlined that educational activities should be carried out against the earthquake risk.

Günceleme: 25/11/2018 19:14

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