Gaziantep's new tram tender is canceled

Gaziantep's new tram tender was canceled: The new tram tender was abandoned It was reported that the tender for 12 km light rail system, which was put out to tender by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, was canceled. CHP Metropolitan Mayor candidate Akif Ekici, who objected to the route and rushing of the new rail system and made statements on this issue before, said that the way of mind is one and that what needs to be done is done.
Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality has put out a tender to build a rail system that will upset 12 km of traffic in the busiest streets of the city. It is stated that the tender for the new rail system starting from Yavuz Sultan Selim Street, continuing through Hoşgör, İnönü street, Hürriyet street, Atatürk Boulevard and ending at the University junction was canceled.
Informing about the cancellation of the tender, Akif Ekici stated that they had previously declared the error of this tender to the public, and we opposed the urgent tender and route of this new rail system that will paralyze the urban traffic by organizing a press conference. Our right was revealed and the tender was canceled. The way of mind is one, what should be done by the Municipality has been done. While conducting such studies concerning the city, the opinion of the people in the region where the study is carried out should be taken, the opinion of the tradesman should be taken and such projects should be made. We have always opposed the logic of "I did it" and we will. We will not do anything without the public opinion. "It is beneficial to cancel this tender."



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