Latest situation in Cıbıltepe ski center

In the last case Cibiltepe ski resort Sarikamis One of the important winter tourism centers of Turkey Cibiltepe ski resort continues to welcome domestic and foreign tourists.

Although there is little snowfall in Sarikamis, skiing is enjoying. Snow thickness was measured as 25 centimeters on the runways.

Sarıkamış Cıbıltepe Ski Center, which stands out with its forested trails, crystal snow, new mechanical facilities and snowpark, has no risk of being lost in avalanches and fog. 9 Piece Runway total length 25 mileage. The 2634 meter goes down to the 2100 meter. Each with a different degree of difficulty. The longest 3500 meter. KAR-SAR-TUR-AS, ​​which is established under the partnership of public and private sector, can carry a total of 3600 people in three ski lifts.

Width of runways 40 meters. The two entrances from the summit this year were extended a little more, the grounds were reorganized. 5 outlets in the facility 25 TL, 15 outputs 60 TL, 100 outputs 250 TL, 200 outputs 450 TL.

At the central station, the newly opened 400 café with a fireplace, the summit and the three café clock in the dark creek are open to 16.00. Hot wine, salep, sausage, beer in the facilities, goose served if demand. At the end of the week, an ambulance with a doctor is on guard at the ski resort. And hotels have contracted doctors. Gendarmerie is carrying out search and rescue activities.

In addition to the four-star Dolina Hotel, the hotel, the Kar-Kar hotel, the Kar hotel and the Alpina mansions continue to be renovated this year. The two hotels, which started construction this year, will be launched next year. Hotels, Kars Airport to Sarikamis continues to provide transportation services. In addition, transportation is provided from Erzurum.

Hotels organize local music and food evenings a week. In addition, fires are lit in the snow, the party is given sausage-bread. Mesheli walks are being made. The Ski Federation plans to organize various races in February and March.

Dolina is a ski hotel with 72 rooms. Double 400 TL in class, then 31 until March 300 TL. Daily skipass and free transportation from the airport. 4-12 discounted 50 percent for children of age. Ski rental in the ski resort 35, snowboard 40 TL.

Three mansions also have 30 rooms, 4 suites. This year has been restored. In the semester, double-person full board, daily skipass, including 270 TL. Then 240 TL. Free transfer from the airport for five days stay. 25 TL per capita round trip if you want less. Two-man goose menu 100 TL. Daily skiing, snowboard rental 25 TL.

Three-star boutique Çamkar Hotel, right next to the runway. 55 rooms. There is a sauna with 16 massage. Lobby, room equipment was renovated. Term reservations are full. The hotel is held on Wednesday and Saturday dinner on Kars night. Equipment is rented in the ski room. An hour skiing and snowboarding course 120 TL. Double person in the semester is full board 500 TL, 380 TL in the next period. 7-12 Age 50 discounted.

Toprak Hotel is the most luxurious resort of the ski resort. 145 rooms, five-star. Suite, king suite, villa offers accommodation. SPA, semi-olympic indoor pool, disco is open daily. Three restaurants offer different menus. Full boarding this year added alcoholic drinks, daily skipass, transfer from airport. Two days a week, hot wine and sausage bread are served to guests in the winter garden. Double 720 in the semester, then 560 TL. 0-7 free, 7-12 paid 50 percent. Daily ski rental 40 TL

The lobby, restaurant and rooms of the 3 star Kar Oteli have been renovated. 40 turned into a facility with rooms. Hammam and sauna, children and adult playrooms were added. A sausage bread party is held on Saturday. Free transfer from airport. Skipass, including double-person half-board semester 240, then 220 TL. Ski, snowboard rent 25 TL.