The Causes of Power Outages in Eskisehir Yht Line Works

The Reason of Power Outages in Eskişehir High Speed ​​Line Studies: Osmangazi Elektrik Dağıtım A.Ş. (OEDAŞ) officials stated that the power cuts in Eskişehir were caused by the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) line works.
In the letter sent to Tcdd General Directorate Railway Construction Department on 27 December 2013 with the signature of OEDAŞ Provincial Operations Manager Hamdi Öztürk and Chief Engineer Bahadır Karaca, it was noted that one of the electrical transformers feeding the city center was disabled due to the YHT tunnel works at the location of the station bridge that was demolished in the city center. The article stated that the failure of the transformer caused power outages, and the construction of the YHT line was progressing very slowly, as follows:
“Recently, in the central city network of our city, some malfunctions and power cuts depending on seasonal conditions, as well as malfunctions and interruptions due to overload in the transformer and cables. The main reason for these interruptions is that in order to demolish the Ismet İnönü Bridge in the Eskişehir Central Station area within the scope of the Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train line station transition construction works and to open the way for the works, on September 30, 2013, the city center from the TM-1 transformer center belonging to TEİAŞ. It is the de-energization of the 34.5 kV main ring and the 6.3 kV secondary ring cables. We explained to Tcdd officials that if the work is completed as soon as possible and the concrete tunnel construction where at least 2 pieces of 13 / mm 110 N strength pipes will be placed in a 450-meter band, where our cables will pass, we should make additional and re-commission the cut cables. Upon this, although it was promised to be completed in 1,5-2 months, 3 months have passed, the aforementioned works have not been completed yet and the deadline for the completion date is not given. For this reason, it has been observed that the main reason for the wide-ranging power outages, except for individual failure cases, is the compulsory load on the step-down transformer belonging to TEIAS and the cables that carry energy from this transformer to the city center. The reason for this situation is the slow progress of the YHT underground tunnel construction in the Station Bridge area, which is still under construction. Until now, as a result of the devoted work of our teams, malfunctions and underground cable faults are urgently resolved and energy is given in a short time like 15-20 minutes. However, in order to avoid longer lasting (6-10 hours) power interruptions, it is essential that the YHT tunnel construction is made at least for the passage of our cables, and the required process is carried out to complete the envisaged section as soon as possible.

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