No Adaray Expeditions Can Be Made Due to Yht Studies

Ad Hoc Works can not be made due to the Adaray Campaign: Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality said in a statement, due to the intensive work on the High Speed ​​Train route TCDD ADARAY flights between 4-11 January can not be made between the dates said.
In the statement made by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that ADARAY flights will not be held between 4 and 11 January due to the intensive works carried out by Tcdd on the High Speed ​​Train route.
Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department announced that Tcdd will not be able to energize the Arifiye - Adapazarı line for a week due to the ongoing High Speed ​​Train works on Ankara - Istanbul route. In the statement made, “Due to Tcdd High Speed ​​Train (YHT) works, electricity will not be given to Arifiye - Adapazarı line. For this reason, ADARAY flights will not be held between 4 and 11 January. It is announced to the public with respect ”.

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