3. airport land expropriated on war grounds

  1. the airport lands were expropriated in the war on the grounds of homeland defense: 3 to Istanbul. the land within the scope of the project was expropriated on the grounds of ta national defense in the war havalim. The expropriated lands have forested lands and villages to be evacuated. 6 thousand 172 hectares, including 7 thousand 650 hectare forest area, was expropriated by the Cabinet decision published in the Official Gazette the previous day. Expropriation decision within the scope of 'national defense', 'dormitory defense needs' was taken on the basis of the provision drew attention. Experts, 3. he commented that the expropriation of the airport was made by evaluating it as 'dormitory defense'.
    3 to Istanbul. Is 'war-state expropriation' correct for the airport?
    'The use of the law is unconstitutional'
    Turkish Eng. Union of Architects and Architects Dir. Eyüp MUHÇU:
    This law; Disaster and national security is a method used where it is required. The aim is to accelerate the process and take safety measures related to the safety of life and property as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the law is used for urban transformation. The use of this law is currently openly against the law and the Constitution. 2 can be sued. The expropriation may be required to be canceled due to non-compliance with the objectives and harm to the inhabitants. In the expropriation, citizens who have suffered financial loss may open a case for raising the price. 3. the expropriation at the airport has nothing to do with national security and emergency expropriation.
    President of the Chamber of Environmental Engineers Baran BOZOĞLU:
    'The decision to take hasty decision'
    The ordinary expropriation process is avoided. Urgent expropriation decisions can be taken within the scope of the Law on National Defense Obligations. I mean, in war. 3. With the projects like airport, Kanal Istanbul, existing water resources will be destroyed. For a project that will lead Istanbul and our country to more serious water crises, it is quite meaningful to take a decision to expropriate while legal processes are in progress.
    'Linked to the homeland defense with the airport'
    Honorary Member of Military Supreme Court Ali Fahir KAYACAN:
    Although at first glance söz Where did it come when it wasn't in the case of warfare? Ilk it is necessary to examine the law well. Airports may be allocated to the aircraft for military warfare in case of war, even if they are civilians. In the case of war, a country becomes the target military facility. If the military airport becomes unusable, there is a need for a new place where airplanes can land, in which case civil airports or wide roads come into play. With this decision, a link can be established between the 'defense in the war'.
    Attorney Ercan TUNA:
    'By the decision of the Council of Ministers'
    2942 No. 27. does not only rely on 'dormitory defense needs' but also regulates 'urgent expropriation'. The aim is to avoid the implementation of the 'Procurement Procedure' which is mandatory before expropriation and to make the expropriation shortly. This decision, which is the limitation of the right to property, is technically incomplete. The process of 'expropriating' the immovables 'citizens' needs to be followed up well.

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