Zeytinburnu is drowning from traffic

Zeytinburnu is drowning in traffic: A question from CHP IMM Council Member Fikret Konya to Mayor Topbaş: “The district of Zeytinburnu has reached an important position in terms of public transportation systems, there is traffic jam and the citizen is inundated with traffic! Is there a transportation planning study for Zeytinburnu? "
Assembly of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in December 2013 Assembly meetings in the Assembly of CHP IMP Fikret Konya, Ercihan Ekşi, Hakkı Sağlam and Serdar Bayraktar with the signature of İBB Parliament Presidency of the written question as follows;
Questions to be answered in writing:
Zeytinburnu district has an important position in terms of public transportation systems. CevizliBağ, Merter (Zeytinburnu) and MARMARAY (Kazlıçeşme) stations are the transfer and integration centers used extensively. This situation has made Zeytinburnu district an important public transportation junction. These developments, Shopping Centers, High-Rise Projects in the vicinity of the Zeytinburnu district has intensified its connections to the traffic flow and the main transportation axles. In this context;
1. Are there any transportation planning works for Zeytinburnu District taking into account these problems? What is the scope and details?
2. We care about the integration of the tram and MARMARAY in certain centers. Starting from Seyitnizam Street in Zeytinburnu. We think that connecting the tram line to Zeytinburnu Station via Rauf Denktaş Street, İnönü Street and 58. Bulvar Street will contribute to transportation. Is there any work done to provide tram and MARMARAY connections, which we consider important in terms of system integration?
3. CevizliIs there a study on taking the tram line going through the road between vineyard and Zeytinburnu stations? What is the detail and calendar if available?

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