Wagon hotels on Russian railways

Wagon hotels on Russian railways: The new type of trains purchased by the Russian Railways Company will be launched from next year. Wagon hotels operated by the Spanish Talgo Company will operate from Moscow - Kiev from 2014 and from Moscow - Berlin from 2016.
Special systems that absorb the centrifugal force will be used in the trains which will be equipped with the latest technology. Thanks to these systems, passengers will not feel any effect even in sharp bends entered at high speeds. Another feature of the trains is that they will have a chassis to be produced from light metals.
Passengers traveling on new trains, where wi-fi service can be used in each of their wagons, will be able to choose a place with a seat or a cupboard. There will be a shower and toilet in each room in the cup part.
Trains that will have an average cruising speed of 120 on Russian territory will be able to reach a maximum of 140 km. The trains, which will be commissioned next year, are scheduled to arrive from Moscow to Kiev at 7.


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