How to prevent accidents in Uludağ Ski Center

How accidents are prevented in the ski resort of Uludag: hemmed in Turkey's leading winter tourism centers of skiing in Uludag his track hundreds of holidaymakers in the trunks of the trees with a sponge to prevent accidents.

In the past years, security measures have been increased on the Uludağ tracks, after 17-year-old national skier Aslı Nemutlu, who is a member of Uludağ Ski Sports Club, died as a result of falling down and hitting wooden curtains during training in Erzurum. With the opening of the ski season, the authorities took different measures on the tracks. In Uludağ, where the snow thickness reaches 40 centimeters, tarpaulins and cushions were placed around the trees and chairlift for professional and amateur skiers. It is noteworthy that many trees in the middle of the tracks are surrounded by a bed sponge. While some holidaymakers say that the measures are insufficient, some citizens want the trees in the middle of the tracks to be transferred to a different place.
The holidaymakers who come to Uludağ frequently state that the trees on the tracks are dangerous. The holidaymaker named Barış Şen, who came from Bursa, stated that these sponges were installed in order to prevent damage to the citizens skiing and skiing. The holidaymaker named Rıza Alp from Gemlik said, “Some trees are surrounded by nets so that the holidaymakers will not be harmed. Some trees are also covered with a bed sponge. Some also have no measures. But these are unreasonable. I don't know how much this is enough. ”
Holidayman Ali Eroğlu, on the other hand, stated that the sponge attached to the trees was not convinced that it would prevent the accident. The sponge there has no effect. If it is made in a file, it does not provide the desired protection. I think it makes more sense to be a barrier than a sponge. ”
On the other hand, authorities do not allow access to the runways without ski suits, while vacationers are often warned against accidents.