UIC Board Meetings Held in Paris

UIC Board Meetings Held in Paris: The International Railways Association (UIC) European Regional Board meeting, the UIC Executive Board meeting and the UIC 83rd Plenary Meeting were held in Paris.
International Association of Railways Kurulu UIC European Regional Council, Executive Committee and 83. The General Assembly meetings were held on 11 - 12 December 2013 at UIC Headquarters (Paris-France). UIC Middle East Regional Council Chairman Süleyman KARAMAN and Deputy General Director İsmet DUMAN representing Middle East Regional Council attended the meetings.
At the UIC European Regional Council meeting held at 11 December 2013, members of the European Regional Board Management Committee for 2014-2015 were elected and approved. With respect to financial issues, the 2013 budget of the European Council was reviewed and accepted and the provisional budget for the year 2014 was negotiated and unanimously adopted. The Action Plan for 2014 will also be held at the meeting under the leadership of UIC Headquarters. European Railway Technical Strategy (RTSE), Standardization, New Memberships for the European Council and those whose membership has been canceled were discussed and negotiations were held.
On the same day, at noon, UIC President, Mr. Yakunin, met in the UIC Director General, Mr. Loubinoux with uıc'n the 6 Regional Chairperson business dinners, political deadlock between uıc'n the region, despite economic and technical differences, a basic global approach model for the entire region the views were exchanged.
On the afternoon of 11 December 2013, the UIC Executive Board meeting was held in preparation for the next day of the UIC General Assembly. At the meeting; The UIC's Regional Boards of Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America were briefed on recent changes and developments in the administrative sense. In addition, UIC and MOUs signed between third parties, uıc'n education strategy, studies and recent developments made with standardization, financial issues, cancellation of new membership and membership for uıc'y UIC evaluation of the performance and tenure of General Manager by negotiations topics was prepared to be presented to the General Assembly to be held the next day.
12 2013 on December 83. UIC General Assembly Meeting started with the speech of Eva Molnar, Director of Transportation Department of United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. In her speech; UN 's strategic priorities and UIC in transportation actions the importance of cooperation between the UN, the development of Eurasian transport connection, High-speed Railway Network Master Plan preparation and focusing on level crossings "Transport Safety" with an emphasis on issues uıc'y and all railway society, he invited the railroads to work closely with the United Nations to be heard, in particular on the 2015 Agenda.
In the General Assembly, UIC's recent changes and developments in the administrative sense in the Regional Boards of Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East and North and South America, UIC's training strategy, Standardization and recent developments, Financial issues, UIC All members were informed about the new memberships and the cancellation of memberships and the term of the UIC General Manager was proposed to be extended to the end of 2015 in order to be in line with the term of UIC President and accepted by the General Assembly. In addition, the heads of all regional committees made presentations on developments in their regions. In the name of the UIC Middle East Regional Council, TCDD Deputy General Manager İsmet DUMAN made a presentation and gave information about the ongoing and planned railway projects in the Middle East region, the events taking place in the last six months and the upcoming events. DUMAN will also attend the UIC 1, which will be held in Istanbul on 3-2014 April 11. Recalling the importance of the World ERTMS Conference, he invited all the members to the Conference in 2014, which is expected to be one of the most important events in the world in the railway sector.


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