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Teams that came by train: Today Lokomotiv Sofia-Lokomotiv Plovdiv is playing in Bulgaria A Grupa. The two railroad teams in the same league in the world are just these two. In total, they are many.
Lokomotiv Plovdiv (Plovdiv) 4. In the Sofia derby on Saturday, the 5-0-defeated Sofia Locomotive is at the bottom of the center. The interestingness of the game is that it is the world's only railway derby.
When I wrote the dynamos from Mersin, Ozgur Erdogan reminded the teams of the locomotives. True, if we do not mention, the memories remain. First Locomotive, first Dynamo 4 year old: Lokomotive Kiev, founded in 1919. It was founded under the name of ZhelDor (railway) and became the locomotive in 1936. This team's 'event', with the Nazi soldiers in the 1942 and 'Victory Escape' inspiration in the famous match with the Dynamo Kievlilerla Lokomotive Kievlilerin is played. Apart from that, it is a team of subsectors that train well. Based on the railway workers at 1923, the club, which was founded with the 'Club of the October Revolution' and named Lokomotive Moscow at 1935, is the most famous of its names. In the Soviet period, he could not come first, he became the champion in 2002 and 2004 with the support of the railway company that became special after the collapse of the regime. Lokomotivi of 1936 Tbilisi has seen the Soviet top league for a season.
It is interesting that there are newly established locomotives in the former Soviet countries: Lokomotiv Tashkent of Uzbekistan 2001, Lokomotiv Astana was born in 2009. White Russian with 2000 The original name of Minsk, the most beautiful: Lakamatyu. Unfortunately, it was named after the founder, travel company Skvich.
Other real-socialist regimes also had locomotives. The name VfB Leipzig with 1893 was translated into Lokomotive Leipzig at 1966 during the period of Democratic Germany. 1987 is the finalist of the Cup Winners, now 4. In the league. Lokomotiva Zagreb in Croatia is even older than the Kiev team: 1914's blessed day (1 May) was founded under the name Zeljeznicarski and was renamed Lokomotiva in 1948. 1952 is the third biggest successor in Yugoslavia. The biggest team ever to carry the name of Zeljeznicar, which means the ferry in the caribbean, is the Bosniak: Zeljeznicar, founded by the Sarajevo railway workers and conductors in 1921, has the 1 Yugoslav, 6 Bosnia and Herzegovina championship. Blue-navy blue and we learned from Ozgur Dirim Ozkan stadium on the east side of the stadium is sewn with a real locomotive.
Know that Poland's renowned Lech Poznan is a club of state railways between 1933-1994 and is therefore referred to as Kolejorz (railwaymen).
Don't think the railroad teams are Eastern. The ancestor of Manchester United was the railroad. Later Man. Utd. The club's full name in 1878 is: Newton Heath Lancashire and Yorkshire Railways. It was established by railroad workers under the permission and registration of the company. British railroads pioneered football in other parts of the world. For example, Rosario 1889 was founded by British railroad workers as the Argentine Central Railroad Athletic Club, and the new name at 1903 is also called a 'Central Station': Rosario Central. Those who set up Corinthians in 1910 in Brazil are five domestic railway workers.
I'm not counting the Buzhokeyci, basketball player Locomotives (for example, Lokomotiv Kuban in Euroleague). I am calling the International Railway Association of Athletes formed by the 24 national federation.
Yavuz Yıldırım, Communication from the 'Train is a Life' collection in Turkey's 'iron-wing teams,' he told me. There are 38 Demirspor in the country. Adana Iron PTT 1. League, Ankara Demir Sportoto 3. League, Eskişehir Iron Regional Amateur League, others amateur. I remember Eskişehir Demir with Erol, his striker who plays with 1970 bone-frame glasses. I wonder if one day we watch a derelict of Demirsporlar Super League?

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