The direction of the tram in Izmir, the trees have not changed

The direction of the tram in Izmir has changed since the trees are not cut: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has revised the objections of professional chambers in Üçkuyular-Halkapınar tram project.
At the Şair Eşref Boulevard, it was decided that the line that would cause the mulberry trees to be cut was passed through the middle median, where parking lots were located.
Üçkuyular-Halkapınar, which is one of the important alternatives for solving the transportation problem in the city center in İzmir and Karşıyaka- Bostanli trams will be auctioned in February 2014. The delay in loan approval from the SPO and the Treasury was delayed due to modifications and this transportation investment was expected to be completed within three years after the tender in February.
Tram line between Üçkuyular and Halkapınar was the focus of discussions. In the process of the tram projects, the route and the system of the Privatization Administration (PA) in the cruise port of the transportation report, the chambers of the municipality in the meeting and the objections to the zoning plans drew attention. ÖİB suggested that the tram would create a parking lot in Alsancak, eliminate the squares such as Lausanne and Montreux, create traffic congestion, and stop at Cumhuriyet Boulevard before entering Alsancak. In the case of insist on the construction of the tram in the Alsancak Gar region, suggested that the line to be taken underground.
Chamber of Architects, Chamber of City Planners, especially the professional chambers of the route after the Üçkuyular'a Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard instead of passing through Mithatpaşa Street with the current car traffic flow suggested. The professional chambers were on the Şair Eşref Boulevard not to pass through the middle median of mulberry trees and car parks, the use of the existing road and the lack of barriers to prevent pedestrians crossing the street. The chambers demanding that the trees not be cut, demanded a separate road for the tram.
Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not make a big change in the project until it received the loan approval in the Treasury. In the stage of preparation of the tender specifications after approval, revisions were made considering the objections of the chambers. Two of the three main objections of the professional chambers were modified. The Mithatpaşa Street route proposal was not accepted. According to this, the line will come from Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard to Konak and after passing Konak Pier, it will pass to the mixed system. Line to existing roads. Trams will be part of the traffic and will work according to the signaling system. At the Şair Eşref Boulevard, the passage of the line through the median center was abandoned. Thus, mulberry trees were saved. The line will be on the current road as the departure. Can pass vehicles and pedestrians on. He'il get his electricity from the upper cahab.
Chamber of Architects Izmir Branch Topal Hasan Topal, Konak Pier and Alsancak Gar between the changes made to the shape they proposed to have found positive, he said. Topal iy However, Mithatpaşa Street should have been preferred from Üçkuyular to Konak instead of Mustafa Kemal Sahil Boulevard. Because the people access to the shore is already cut through the fast-flowing vehicle in the region now the tram line will come. The decision in the center, ie the line that will be with the leveling can be done here, Mithatpaşa Street could be used, Merkez he said.
Starting from Üçkuyular Metro Station, the line that will come from the land side of Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard to the front of Konak Pier will reach Cumuhuriyet Square via Şehit Fethi Bey Street. The line that will come from Şehit Nevres Boulevard behind Swissotel Büyük Efes to Montreux Square will reach TMO silos from Şair Eşref Boulevard and from there to Halkapınar Metro Station from Şehitler Caddesi. The length of the tram line, which is envisaged to include a total of 19 stations, will be 13 kilometers. With the tram, the signaling will also change. In addition, most of the buses between Konak-Halkapınar will leave.
Karşıyaka The tram line will start from Alaybey, from the coast to Bostanlı Pier, and from there to the Mavişehir Suburban Station by following İsmail Sivri Street, Cemal Gürsel Street, Şehit Cengiz Topel Street, Selçuk Yaşar Street and Cahar Dudayev Boulevard. the future. The length of this line with a total of 16 stops will be 10 kilometers.

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