Decrypting the traffic in Istanbul

Traffic in Istanbul has been decrypted: Yandex, which analyzes the traffic of Istanbul; In October, 2012 and 2013 explored the time required to drive through the most important avenues and streets that connect the city's edge districts to the city center in October.
According to the data obtained from the road sections; In October 2013 by car, crossing 2012 17 compared with the morning and 12% 2013 more time in the evening determined that the ratio. According to these data, it is possible to say that the traffic situation of Istanbul in the autumn of XNUMX is more tight than in the previous year.
In the researched streets, the October 2013 places where traffic is the busiest; the average speed of progress, both on the Anatolian Side and the other on the European Side, is less than 5 km / h, both of which are around the Bosphorus Bridge, between the Istanbul Peripheral Road and the Altunizade Interchange Junction and the average feedrate from 8 km / h. and between the Barbaros Junction and Ortaköy Viaduct. In the evenings, the traffic-intensive places are located on the European side and the progress rate is less than 5 km / h. It was a crossroad between Aksaray Tram Station on Gazi Mustafa Kemal Street and Kennedy Street Entrance and E7 Motorway from Vatan Avenue Junction to Merter Junction.
September - October During the 2013 period, on average, the Istanbul traffic density, which is determined by the 4.5 rating xNUMX on weekdays, is generally constant during the two months except for the holidays where the traffic is significantly reduced. In addition, 2 opened schools in September, additional public transport lines, ferry, trolley and metro lines to adjust the progress mode and the public transportation of the 16: 06: 00 free of charge by the additional measures taken, such as the entire city traffic is unusually fluent.
On the rainy days, traffic is generally denser, and in the period of research 2 In October, traffic intensity increased to 6.2 level in the evening with the traffic average 9 exceeding the XNUMX rating due to heavy rains.
In Istanbul, traffic is the most intense and in the mornings the time is between 08: 00 and 10: 00 and in the evening between 18: 00 and 20: 00.
Monday is the easiest and the most difficult day on Friday for Istanbul drivers. Traffic intensity on Saturdays is usually less than% 16 compared to weekdays, while on Sundays traffic is 3.5 times lighter than on weekday traffic.

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