TCDD's Eskisehir Gar Crossing Project Description

TCDD'dan Eskişehir Transit Project Description: General Directorate of State Railways (TCDD), den TCDD; Despite the difficulties of the Metropolitan Municipality and all these processes, the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed train line concurrently with the effort to train the project, Büyük said.
The statement made by TCDD, Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yilmaz Buyukersen, the city trades of the allegations that the victims of the TCDD took place on the media said it was necessary to make a statement.
Ve The reasons for the delay and the difficulties caused by the Mayor's failure to keep his word and the obstacles imposed by the Municipality are listed below Başkan, the statement continued as follows:
Etmek 1-3 The work completion period of the Transit Project signed on March 2008 is 540 days and corresponds to 18 month. Actually, the loss of time due to the obstacles of the Municipality and the consequences of such obstacles is more than twice the duration of the contract; 49 is the month.
-TCDD, Eskişehir Istanbul YHT project in the city of Eskişehir and Eskişehir people thinking, to ease the traffic between cities in the world with a fast train only in Kordoba "city transition" decided to do for Eskişehir.
- In the name of creating a public opinion during the project implementation and start-up phase, Büyükerşen claimed the project, committed to provide all kinds of convenience, but with the start of the project, it removed all difficulties and obstacles. Before the start of the project, on 31 May 2007, during the meeting between the Metropolitan-Municipality TCDD, the Metropolitan Municipality will displace the underground and aboveground structures on the project route under the coordination of the Municipality, the Municipality will show all kinds of convenience, the demolition works of the Muttalip and Tramway bridges will be done by the Municipality. confirmed in minutes.
- Infrastructure transfers and bridge demolitions were made by TCDD, contrary to the municipality's commitment; The municipality did not keep its word.
- Following the commencement of work, 10 was requested to take the decision of UKOME (Metropolitan Municipality of Transport Coordination Center) on the date of July 2008 for the construction of the temporary edge road, which was not taken on the requested date and the decision making took place in winter (12 November 2008) only for the temporary road. 10 was a time loss due to this process.
- Other public institutions and organizations underground and underground infrastructure facilities of the Metropolitan Municipality; The transport / displacement of water, sewer pipes etc. was not done when it had to be done by the Municipality; These works were done by TCDD, and unlike the first meeting minutes, Metropolitan Municipality did not provide any information, help and support.
- Two years after the start of the project, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality has made a decision regarding the area from the Municipal Assembly without resorting to the opinion and information of the TCDD and the Ministry. The said zoning plan was prepared without taking into account the project which is being carried out and the finalization. The TCDD appealed to the zoning plan, the issue was passed to the judiciary, in the 2013 the judiciary decided to justify the TCDD and canceled the operation of the Metropolitan Municipality. Nowhere in the world, local governments cannot make such an arbitrary savings in national railway network projects without asking the railway administrations, without having their opinions taken. This example is only seen in Eskişehir. In this process, despite all the efforts of TCDD, the 2 resulting from the arbitrary transaction of the Metropolitan Municipality experienced a time loss.
- Unfortunately, due to the Zoning Plan, which was prepared without asking the railways and canceled by the judiciary in the Bağlar Pass-Train Station, the Eskişehir Train Station Project, which has to be completed and ready to this day, within the framework of the work schedule and planning. Therefore, the work that needs to be done from both sides in accordance with the contract could be continued unilaterally due to the said development plan. This process naturally doubled the work time.
- The municipality was expected to fulfill its commitments in the meeting minutes regarding the demolition of Muttalip and Tram bridges, these commitments were not fulfilled, the demolition work was done by TCDD in order not to lose more time, and a loss of time of about 6 months was experienced.
- In the western part of the station, two highway overpasses were started to be built by TCDD at the request of the Metropolitan Municipality, and one of these passages was completed and made ready for traffic. While the National Sovereignty Bridge built within the framework of the UKOME decision was opened to traffic, the level crossing of Çamlıca should be closed to traffic for other bridge construction; Metropolitan Municipality did not perform this operation, the construction of the second bridge was delayed as it coincided with the winter months. Municipal infrastructures in this segment are also displaced by TCDD.
-TCDD General Directorate, has been in constant communication with the Metropolitan Municipality, has made efforts for this, has been interviewed a high number of times; a delegation headed by the General Director of TCDD together with the Governor of Eskişehir; In order to discuss the problems and solutions offered by the Mayor of the municipality, the Mayor re-visited only this issue. Mr. Mayor did not approve any of his solution proposals, he did not offer any solution and he used the expression mün I spend only a dime for this project and I cannot help Belediye.
- Although the Muttalip Pass was made by TCDD on 21 August 2013 and made ready for traffic, a letter was written about the opening of the passage to the Municipality, traffic opening was delayed for 3 months and the invoice of the traffic problem arising from not opening the passage was also unfairly issued to TCDD.
- As all of these were not enough, Metropolitan Municipality has filed a lawsuit against TCDD on the grounds of “road and asphalt deterioration” during the construction of the project and continued its actions to delay the project.
- In accordance with the existing laws, the Metropolitan Municipality and UKOME decision is needed for some operations and productions in the project. However, Metropolitan Municipality leads to disruption of the project with small accounts and tries to cost these disruptions to TCDD. For example, on 27 July 2012 of TCDD Bağlar Passage; He applied to the Municipality to be closed for 1 months after September 3. Since the issue was not included in the UKOME agenda, it applied for the second time to close the gate on September 10, 2012. In the UKOME decision taken on 20 September 2012, the passage was allowed to be closed for three months from 1 October 2012. It could not be completed on time due to "days not to work" due to winter conditions; Metropolitan Municipality has also launched the delay due to its late decision to the public as a TCDD defect.
- In the project whose contract was signed on March 3, 2008; Although more than five and a half years have passed, the actual work time is only 25 months. Some of the time that could be worked was not able to walk as planned by TCDD due to the difficulties and obstacles mentioned above. The only responsible for the project not to be completed in 18 months is the Metropolitan Municipality. Because there was no opportunity to work bilaterally due to the zoning plan canceled by the judge and the difficulties brought by the Municipality due to the demolition of the Tram bridge.
-TCDD has refrained from sharing the difficulties of Büyükerşen personally and the Municipality as institutional by means of interoperability. However, our organization, Büyükerşen's most completely unfounded and TCDD to wear out the explanations, the city trades against a public institution because of the attitude of the obstacles and difficulties were forced to share with the public. Ancak
In the statement, “TCDD; Despite the difficulties of the Metropolitan Municipality and all these processes, Ankara-Istanbul makes an extraordinary effort to train the project simultaneously with the high-speed train line. Büyük


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