Opponents of the Stuttgart 21 project protest against protest ban

Opponents of the Stuttgart 21 project protested this time against the protest ban: the giant railway project 'Stuttgart 21' in Stuttgart, Germany, protested for four years, this time against the prohibition.
Nearly one thousand 500 people gathered in front of the main station to protest the decision of the State Administrative Court against the protest in front of and around Stuttgart Main Train Station. The decision of the State Administrative Court had taken the decision on the grounds that it hampered the traffic.
Police said that the area in question was a junction point and caused serious traffic problems during protests.
'Park Guardians', one of the initiatives that support and organize protests sözcüMatthias von Herrmann pointed out that the Lautenschlager Street, which was shown as the area for them, is a very narrow place and it is difficult to ensure security.
The traffic jams in the recent weeks due to the demonstrations around Stuttgart Main Station create a negative perception of the community against Stuttgart 21 opponents.
Especially at the crossroads of the last three demonstrations, drivers who had been waiting in traffic for a long time during the passage of the demonstrators protested the protesters by honking.
Martin Schairer, deputy mayor of Stuttgart, said at the same time that the main station environment is risky due to the construction of the show.

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