Eskisehir Metropolitan Municipality Station Bridge Description

Stations Bridge Statement from Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality: Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality announced that the works carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways after the demolition of the Station Bridge continued with a delay, and although the area was not delivered to them, the arrangement works in the region started.
In the statement made, it was stated that the work to bring the high-speed train route underground, which has been carried out for three months and has been on the agenda of Eskişehir people due to the disruption of the bus terminal-SSK tram services. In the statement, it was stated that the Metropolitan Municipality Road Affairs Branch Directorate teams are working to reduce the problems in the region, although the State Railways have not yet completed their work and handed them over to them. In the statement that the works to take the high-speed train line underground carried out by the General Directorate of State Railways are continuing with a delay, the authorities emphasized the protocol signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of State Railways, according to the article 28-b-2013 of the protocol signed on 4 August 3, ' He stated that closed box section (tunnel) productions and the high-speed train line will be completed by 29 October 2013 in the box section (tunnel). The statement said:
Ü According to the 4-a-3 clause of the same protocol tan, the construction of the permanent tram line will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality after the construction of the high speed train box section (tunnel) hatt. It is physically impossible to make the tram line which will pass through the box section (tunnel) before it is completed. However, the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Road Works teams is continuing the excavation and regulation works to eliminate the difference in the elevation in order to reduce the problems in the region. Ancak
State Railways to complete the rapid train as soon as the completion of the permanent tram line can be completed in a very short period of time, all measures taken and prepared for the preparation of the authorities, the State Railways completed the work in the problematic area and after that the responsibility is in the Metropolitan Municipality reports that the ground is unfounded .

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