Red Card from SATSO to Politicians

Red Card to the politicians from SATSO: Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SATSO) President Mahmut Kösemusul said that they had the opportunity to exchange ideas on many issues at the workshop they held in Izmir. Noting that one of the most important results of the workshop was the removal of red cards by politicians from SATSO council members, Kösemusul said that his dialogue with the Sakarya politicians was good, but that the industrialists could not see the politicians with their problems.
SATSO President Mahmut Kösemusul, Parliament Speaker Akgün Altuğ and members of the Board came together with the press at Mono Cafe.
Kösemusul, who touched on a lot of topics, made striking comments. Kösemusul, who noted that Sakarya is developing and growing regularly, said, ün In line with the 2023 targets, we are going to the targets with confidence. Our export figures are increasing rapidly. As of today, we are the most exporting 9 province and we are working to raise it further. Organized industrial zones that are under construction and prepared projects will increase our number of OIZs in Sakarya to 10. We work not only in the field of industry, but also in the fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and tourism. With the new hotels and thermals, Sakarya's share in tourism will increase. We think that our exports in the field of ornamental plantation in Sapanca will increase in the field of ornamental plantation yapılan.
Mr. Kösemusul said that another project they lead as SATSO is the Virtual Trade Fair and said Sanal We are in the virtual trade fair studies. Black Sea coast of the countries in the study will take place, Sakarya and in their own countries to participate in trade fairs with the e-commerce way of companies aim to provide exports, "he said.
Kösemusul noted that they have accelerated their work for the Automotive Specialized Industrial Zone and made a Specialization Zone to expand its scope. Için We made our exploration works in a thousand acres of land in Ferizli. Here, we will be able to produce such products as automotive industry, sub-industry and wagon. We care very much about this work. Because the automotive sector is a sector that is ahead of other sectors both in terms of exports and number of employees. Today, in our province, Toyota, Başak Tractor, Gazelle production, the Turkish Tractor factory is being established, South Koreans are making initiatives for the supplier industry. This is all done for Sakarya. As for the wagon production, our world is developing and changing rapidly and we have to keep up with this development and change. We are not about whether TÜVASAŞ will move from Adapazarı to Ferizli. Our aim is to make a wagon production capable of keeping up with the world. Biz
Mr. Kösemusul underlined that the distress in Sapanca Lake is important and that the lake should be protected, in We should do this as Sakarya. Sapanca is our favorite. We are doing a special lobbying about this. Bun
Kösemusul, who briefly shared the results of the workshop held in İzmir, where he announced the final sections of his speech, said, İzmir We did an 85 hour with the participation of our 14 councilor. In the workshop where we were ahead and where we were weak, unfortunately, the politicians received a red card. We are the same distance to all politicians as SATSO. There was a lack of agreement on professional matters. We did not see the politicians with us in the demands coming from the business world. We have good dialogues with all of them, but we did not see our politicians in the problems of the industrialist. They couldn't produce a solution. We hope to see the politicians who can speak the same language in terms of politics in the coming period. We will be in this direction in all our works We have decided to support the politicians who can solve our problems instead of the politicians who do not take positive steps in solving our problems. Bütün
Iyor At the workshop, as SATSO's most important partner stakeholders, the Governorate, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality and Sakarya University came out, esi says Kösemusul. The most recent work Truck parking will be an example to Turkey. In the following periods, similar works will be carried out regarding construction materials and 2 auto sales. İler
Karasu port and Adapazarı Karasu Railways about the completion of the deputies do not get a result of the Kösemusul recently told the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan will come to Sakarya and the subject will transfer to him, stating, "The railway and port project is very important for us," he said.
Noting that they are trying to pay their debts to Sakarya as Sakarya industrialists, Kösemusul said that the views of the first degree agricultural land were used in agriculture and that us We choose the third degree agricultural lands which are not used as agricultural land for the new OIZs. That's why we rejected the 6 big company. Agricultural land, but agriculture and animal husbandry-related firms should be allowed to use the land, ancak he said.
Kösemusul reiterated his willingness to pay off his debts to Sakarya as the business world and stated that he was elected as the chairman of a non-governmental organization that is a member of 15 bin 700, and that he does not intend to be involved in politics.
As SATSO, he added that they had previously built a high school and that they will start the construction of a vocational high school. Kösemusul made the following statements: As SATSO, we attach great importance to education. 3 + 1 and 7 + 1 applied by SAU have started negotiations for the training model in a vocational high school with National Education Directorate. An internship will be more important for both the student and the employer instead of one or two days a week. If this project is realized, Sakarya may be a role model in this regard. We have started our studies to open training centers in OIZs.



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