Samsun also missed the train

Samsun also missed the train: No investment, no incentive, the city of consumption Samsun.
The fact that Samsun is not included in the High Speed ​​Train program after the Logistics village issue, which could not be improved in Samsun, causes reactions. SAMSİAD President Uğurlu said, "As long as our voices do not come out, this city becomes a loser due to the lack of political will.
The city of Samsun, which cannot benefit from general and regional incentives and therefore cannot receive production-based investments, is also experiencing a complete disappointment about Samsun Ankara High Speed ​​Train, which is the most important investment expectation of the business world. Reactions to Samsun not being included among the provinces announced by the Ministry of Transport on the High Speed ​​Train, which is of vital importance in the logistics village project, are also growing.
SAMSİAD President Emin Bahri Uğurlu said, “Unfortunately, we could not get Samsun to take the High Speed ​​Train program for its 2023 targets. In our previous discourses, we said that whoever puts a stone or a brick for Samsun, we are always with him and supporters. The high-speed train project should have been within the 2023 targets. Because in line with the goals of 2023, Samsun is the starting city of the Republic and aims to become a regional base in the logistics sector.
Uğurlu said, “The high-speed train should connect the Samsun-Mersin and Samsun-Ankara lines. This is really important. Connecting the high-speed train means that Samsun's potential will increase by 25 percent. It is very important for Samsun that the region has such a presence in the railroad after land, sea and air transportation. Therefore, it is an important study. "We should voiced this work by ministers, governors, deputies, non-governmental organizations more often and definitely pay attention to the program."
Uğurlu said, “In order for us to achieve success in the project, we must try not to fall off the agenda. As a non-governmental organization, we gladly do our part in this regard. But the relevant authorities should take this support behind them and make their initiatives. 3 Turkey's Black Sea grain if it needs more to Istanbul, this name should be in Samsun. Because the city is extremely suitable for this both geographically and with its other advantages and infrastructure. " he spoke.

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