Samsun Tekkekoy subway

Samsun Tekkeköye metrobus: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yılmaz. Pointing out that there are not enough passengers to move the rail system in the direction of Tekkeköy, he said: “The rail system is a very expensive investment. The rail system is struggling to pay for itself in the next 10 years. Thank goodness he also pays. He paid 1 million euros in installments over the past month. In other words, he pays the installment debt with the money he earns. In Tekkeköy district, stadiums, sports halls and similar investments are being made in the coming years. We started the preferred road construction from Gardan to Tekkeköy junction. An 5 meter wide road will be built, it will be bidirectional. It will be the metrobus in the first place. If the rail system is not feasible, let's make the rail system cheaper. We will finish this construction by the end of 8. With the end of the stadium, we will make this transportation by gusseted bus or metrobus.



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