Salda Ski Center Prepared for Winter Season

Salda Ski Center Prepared for the Winter Season: Burdur Youth Services and Sports Provincial Director Ahmet Sancar made examinations at the Salda Ski Center in Eşeler Plateau.

Ahmet Sancar, Provincial Director of Youth Services and Sports, who examined the preparations for the winter season at Salda Ski Center, gave information about the ski center. Stating that the center consists of 5 tracks and all areas are ready for snow sports, Sancar said: “The infrastructure and ski equipment of Salda Ski Center were completed to meet the expectations of ski lovers. The facility is 77 kilometers away from Burdur and 63 kilometers of this road is asphalt, 14 kilometers is a stabilized road suitable for transportation in terms of infrastructure and width. The ski resort has no transportation problems. ”

Stating that the ski area is at an altitude of 2 meters, Tınaztepe is located on the left of Tınaztepe, starting from the northern slopes and ending at the gathering center at an altitude of 79 meters. it has slope lengths from 2 to 54 meters with a level difference and a slope of around 910 percent. This structure is very suitable for beginner skiers and skiers of all degrees. The length of the teleski facility in the ski center, which consists of 200 tracks, the longest of which is 15 meters and the shortest is 1.000 meters, is 1.200 meters. The facility has a 1.600 model snowtruck that will make the track suitable for skiing. ”


Ski Salt of Turkey's cleanest lake in Salt Lake voicing that view and are satisfied with the facilities kayaksever Sancar said:

“The area where the ski facilities are built is at a point overlooking the turquoise colored Salda Lake, one of the deepest and cleanest lakes in the world, and the landscape is a natural wonder. It is possible to see 50-100 cm of snow on the hill, which is covered with snow from December to the end of April. The land structure of the hill covered with natural vegetation becomes suitable for skiing even in 30 cm of snow. Two-person T-type self-service telescope, cafeteria and drinking water works were completed on 16.12.2011 and raised for the winter season of 2012. Salda Ski Center, which is among the deepest lakes in the world and embraces Lake Salda, which is not visited by local and foreign tourists in summer, is ready to introduce our city to the world by hosting ski lovers coming from our province and surrounding cities in winter.