Extending the road in lightning

Road expansion works in Yıldırım: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which relieves the traffic with the rail system and the new road, is also expanding the Dağyolu Avenue in Yıldırım.
The Metropolitan Municipality, which solves the transportation problem in the east-west axis of the city with the rail system and aims to reduce the burden of the Ankara-İzmir highway by opening a 30-meter zoning road, continues its efforts to improve the urban vertical roads. The expropriation work initiated for the expansion of Dağyolu Street, which has been spoken for years, has not been taken until today, and connects İncirli and Musababa Avenue. While 38 million TL was spent for the expropriation of the buildings on 7 parcels in total, the last 4-storey building at the entrance of Davutkadı square of the street was demolished.
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe and Yıldırım Municipality Deputy Mayor Yaşar Elmas followed the demolition of the building, which was carried out within the scope of the works that will make the street, which is approximately 6 meters long, which has a current width of 600 meters at some points, reach a width of 15 meters. Stating that Dağyolu Street is an important connecting axis between Davutkadı and Teleferik, Mayor Altepe noted that with the expansion work to be done here, the traffic in the region will be significantly relieved. Drawing attention to the difficulties of producing services in a city like Bursa where there is uneven and dense construction, President Altepe said, “We have to expropriate and demolish in order to bring social facilities such as parks, green areas and sports facilities to our neighborhoods. On average, we demolish a building every working day. We are about to complete the line between Davutkadı and Musababa of Dağyolu Caddesi. After that, we will start between Musababa and Zümrütevler, "he said.
Yıldırım Municipality Deputy Mayor Yaşar Elmas thanked Mayor Altepe for his transportation investments in Yıldırım district.



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