Restoring century-old steam locomotive in Karabük

The century-old steam locomotive is being restored in Karabük: Turkey State Railways (TCDD) and Karabük University (KBU) protocol signed between the century-old steam locomotive in form of scrap, it is being restored.
TCDD Gar Store in Karabük, after serving out the remaining year of service 39 1987 101 in Turkey ton locomotive, the university began the restoration by placing the scope of the protocol Iron and Steel Campus.
Rector of KBU Dr. Burhanettin Uysal, said in a statement to journalists, they continue to work on the road to becoming a valley of rail systems, and also have served in this road also said they have the works. Uysal explained that they carried the steam locomotive together with their tendons to their universities without any problems.
We aim to serve as a bridge between the past and the future, not to keep the locomotive who has witnessed history as a memory to be remembered. Due to respect for the past, we will revive this locomotive and present it to the service of our students. Our friends have started the restoration immediately because we have already done the planning. When the restoration process is completed, our history will come to life again at our university. Rest

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