Rail Systems EU Project Completed

EU Rail Systems Project Completed: Training of Rail System in Germany, Operation, Maintenance and Repair Method Investigating Turkey Adaptation is the European Union Leonardo Da Vinci (VETPRO) project was carried out with success.
Malatya Şehit Kemal Özalper Anatolian Vocational High School Rail Systems Technology Area Chief Fikret Nurettin Kapuderek said, “Thanks to the project, we had the opportunity to explore the operating, maintenance, repair and training methods of light and heavy rail systems applied in European countries and see the differences in their applications.
Since rail system transportation is very common in Germany; We examined the work of institutions operating in this field. Our main goal is to strengthen the knowledge and experience in applications and transfer them to education.
Our project; I believe that increasing the skills and competencies of those who provide training in the Rail Systems at all levels within vocational education, especially their adaptation to strengthen technological and organizational change, contribute to the improvement of quality in vocational education and in gaining lifelong skills and competences ”.
It was noted that within the scope of the European Union Leonardo Da Vinci (VETPRO) project, we went to Germany from Malatya and examined the rail systems.



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