Rail transport increases in North America despite fall in ore shipments

Rail transport in North America continues to rise despite the decline in ore shipments: the total traffic of US railways has increased in November, according to a statement by the American Railways Association (AAR). Accordingly, the intermodal traffic of US railways in November was recorded as 7,8 trailer and container with an annual 1.007.549 increase. In November, the weekly average traffic of railways in the country reached the highest November level with the 251.887 trailer and container. In November, total wagon shipments were recorded as 1,3 units with an annual 1.145.353 increase.
In November, 20 collected 11 percent of the data collected by the AAR. The largest increases in wagon shipments in November were grain shipments with 20,6, shipments of oil and petroleum products with 20 and motor vehicles and motor vehicle parts with 10,8. In November, however, coal shipments of 4,3 and metal ore shipments decreased by 10,1 in November.
In the US, except for coal, wagons increased by 5,3% annually in November. Excluding coal and grain categories, wagon loading increased by 3,3%.
"The big drop in coal shipments in November was offset by an increase in oil and grain shipments," said John Gray, vice president of the AAR Policy and Economy unit. Shipments increase in parallel with the recovery rate of the economy. ” spoke in the form.

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