Ray competition started with 10 bin wagon order

Rail competition started with the 10 bin wagon order: the competition will be growing in the railroads that will open to the private sector next year. Giant logistics companies who want to stand out in the race already ordered a car near 10
Be lifted state monopoly of rail transport in 2014 has mobilized huge logistics companies in Turkey. It turned out that nearly 10 companies ordered nearly 10 thousand wagons and more than 70 locomotives in order to stand out in the competition on the tracks. The main address of the orders was Tülomsaş, which produces in Eskişehir.
The locomotive manufacturer company, which closed 2014 and started taking orders for 2015, reached record production volume. The company officials stated that with the liberalization, there will be a great economic potential on the railways and said, "An investment of over 10 billion dollars is planned in 200 years in this field". Organized industrial zones (OIZ) also have the right to operate railway operations within the framework of the restructuring of the railways.
Today, only 2 percent of the current takes place over the railway freight transport in Turkey. Transportation by train provides an advantage of 30 to 40 percent in costs. Railway transportation, which is very important for provinces such as Gaziantep, Konya and Kayseri, is expected to increase exports significantly.

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