Police fleeing on the tramway

📩 29/11/2018 17:25

Escaping from the police was overturned on the tram road with motorcycles: In Antalya, the motorcycle with 3 people who escaped without complying with the 'stop' warning was overturned on the tram road.
In Antalya, there were 3 people who fled without following the 'stop' warning of the police, and they were overturned on the tramway. In the accident, 27-year-old Pınar Çelik and 26-year-old Merve Filiz were injured, while the driver Mert Bacak was detained.
The accident occurred on Ismet Pasa Street around 17.00 yesterday. The driver, who did not comply with the police 'stop' warning on the motorcycle with the 07 UE 6743 plate, where three rides, tried to escape. Despite being warned many times by the Motorcycle Dolphin Teams, the driver's Leg entered the tramway. The leg, which entered the corner here with extreme speed, lost control of the motorcycle.
Pınar Çelik and Merve Filiz were injured when the motorcycle drifted from the motorcycle. Steel and Filiz calling for help screaming, was called to the scene by ambulances to hospitals, detained motorcycle driver was taken to the police station. Due to the accident, the tram stops were stopped for about half an hour. It was learned that the driver was three people in the motorcycle and ran away from the police for not wearing a helmet.

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