Passenger Train Hits Car: 5 Injured | Kahramanmaras

📩 29/11/2018 17:37

Passenger Train Hit The Car: 5 Injured: 5 injured.
In the evening, the accident occurred at the level crossing of factories. Allegedly, the 01 BP 812 license plate under the direction of Hüseyin Zorba trying to pass the level crossing from Adana to Elazig, 61502 voyage number one passenger train hit. Ali, Besime, Hüseyin and Ali Zorba from the same family as the driver of the car returned to the scrap with the impact of the impact. The wounded, the accident was called by ambulances called the hospital was taken to the hospital. 4, who had been the first intervention in the emergency department, was referred to Kahramanmaraş Necip Fazıl City State Hospital on the grounds that there were vital dangers.
The investigation is continuing.


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