Palandoken Ski Center Opens to the World

palandoken ski resort is ready to welcome ski lovers
palandoken ski resort is ready to welcome ski lovers

📩 26/02/2023 08:42

Within the scope of the cooperation of Northeast Anatolian Development Agency (KUDAKA) and Serhat Development Agency (SERKA), press members and tour operators from Ukraine, Russia and Georgia skiing at Palandöken Ski Center will introduce Erzurum in their countries.

Foreign visitors coming to the city with the support of Turkish Airlines (THY) toured ice skating halls, Türk Telekom Jump Towers and historical places.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), KUDAKA Promotion and Cooperation Specialist Emre Akdağ said that foreign guests were hosted in Erzurum within the scope of efforts to increase the region's promotion and winter tourism potential.

Stating that within the scope of the project, representatives of tour operators who have never been to Erzurum and media organizations that have an important potential in their countries were invited to the city, Akdağ continued as follows:

“We host foreign tour operators and press members in our city every year within the scope of promotional and cooperation projects. Our aim is to increase the potential of the region at the international level. The return of these kinds of studies is great and we have experienced these returns during the past year. Our aim is to increase the awareness potential by ensuring the continuation of such organizations in the coming years. Among the guests, there are those who have never skied to Erzurum before. Here they experienced the taste of skiing and snow by skiing for the first time. They visited historical places and facilities for winter sports. After the representatives of the media organizations leave, they will play an important role in promoting the region with the news they will make in their own countries. Tour operators were likewise captivated by the scenery they encountered when they saw the natural beauty here. They expressed that they did not expect such an environment. Of course, it makes us happy to promote among such beauty. "

people skiing in Palandöken Ski Center and Erzurum came first among Ukrainian tour operator who found the opportunity to ski in Anna Levchenko said that tourism is mentioned only in Turkey came to mind the sea.

Stating that he had been to Turkey once but had never seen Palandöken, Levchenko said, “This place is really beautiful. I will tell about Palandöken everywhere I go and I will direct our guests who will go on holiday in the winter season. In addition, we plan to make a significant part of our trips here. The natural scenery, skiing and Palandoken are wonderful here. Turkey's name comes to the fore only with the sea. However, there are more magnificent beauties here. I recommend all people to ski in Palandöken," he said. Ukrainian journalist Tatiana Stetsenko said that she skied in Palandöken for the first time in her life and she enjoyed skiing very much.