Polat Renassance Opens Ski Season at Palandoken Ski Center

palandoken ski resort
palandoken ski resort

Palandöken Ski Center Polat Renassance Ski Season Opens: Turkey's and the world's leading ski resorts in Palandöken ski season opened, one of the.

Turkey and opened in Palandöken ski season is one of the world's major ski resorts. The first guests who came to Palandöken for skiing after the snow thickness reached the desired level were the people of Erzurum. Those who slid on the ski slope passing through the pine trees began to enjoy the snow.

Polat Renaıssance Hotel General Manager Bora Kamber stated that they opened the 1-2013 ski season as of 2014 December, and that they turned Palandoken into the construction area before the season in order to provide better quality service to the domestic and foreign market. Polat Renaissance Hotel General Manager Bora Kanber, who emphasized that they built a pond that will hold 3 thousand cubic meters of water at 176 meters of Palandöken Mountain, which is at a height of 2 above sea level, stated that they have expanded the 400-kilometer ski slope passing through the pine trees of the hotel.

Emphasizing that they increased the ski season with artificial snow for 5 months, Bora Kanber, even if it was not snowing, we would make artificial snow on the ski tracks from the beginning of December by using the water of the pond. Now the ski season in Palandöken will start in the first week of December and will continue until mid-April. In addition, by illuminating approximately 1 km of the track, we will allow our guests to ski until midnight. Our goal is to contribute to Palandöken's winter tourism. We are happy to open the season long before expected. Due to the opening, all the people of the tracks served for free. The first convoy from abroad will come to Poland. Local and foreign tourists coming to Palandoken said that they will ski completely.

In 2011, Erzurum gained Konaklı, the second ski resort, besides Palandöken, thanks to the World Interuniversity Winter Games. Konaklı, which is 25 kilometers from the center, resembles a dish, and the tracks in Palandöken, 5 kilometers from the city center, are equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical facilities. In Palandöken, there are 5 ski lifts, 1 teleski, 2 baby lifts and gondola lifts. With this system, skiers move from an altitude of 2100 meters to 3125 meters. When rainfall is insufficient in Palandökenv e Konaklı, all the tracks can be covered with machines. Palandöken has about 2 tracks, 12 of which are registered and the longest is 40 kilometers long, for slalom and big slalom competitions.

Sıla Alaftargil, daughter of the national athlete Silami Alaftargil, who is among the skiers on the first day of the season, we have set our heart on skiing because of my father. When we heard that the season was opening, we came to Palahdöken with my grandfather and brother. He said that I skied all day long and I missed my longing.